Monday, January 05, 2009

Week 2

The worst thing about the festive season is clearing your inbox – couple that with not staying in office for two weeks, a crashed laptop which forced me to take the decision to go completely offline and you get a complete disaster zone. So I decided, like most sane people to do a bulk delete, important emails that threatened to sue me and all. Well, hope there were no important emails that threatened to sue me, but one can only hope.
I guess by today, everybody is back to their senses and have realised that it is a Monday and not some random rising of the sun, which thankfully in Delhi at least decided to rise. But that won’t stop political correspondents from celebrating Omar Abdullah’s rise and proclaiming India’s bunch of younglings as India’s answer to Obama without quite realising that the greatest element of the Obama revolution was that Obama was not a quintessential insider, unlike all our Gen-Next. Not that Obama’s Cabinet-In-Waiting is quite a massive change agent. But thankfully, 2008 is over and people expect 2009 to bring with it nice elevator music and cheap room deodorants. It won’t and at the cost of sounding like a cynical old hag, things will probably get a lot worse before they become better.
But with the week ticking over and everybody getting back to work means that the news is going to flow again with a vengeance. Hopefully. Unless of course, everybody digs their heads in the ground and pretends nothing ever happened. Which would be news in itself. I guess. Now get back ton work.

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