Saturday, January 24, 2009


The Israelis and Palestinians can't do it, but over at everyone's favourite sniping ground HT House, it seems peace has broken out. Unless this column was written earlier. But that is unlikely, but then again. And when it comes to the Campaign story, I really have to be back The V here, the flyer was decidedly one-sided. Some people know why, but it seems that the master of ad-sales still has some friends in the world. And my god, as I am watching 'Slumdog Millionaire' again with my brother, I suddenly realise how bad some of the acting is, alright Anil Kapoor has to ham, and he does it well. But, seriously, I'm dreading the papers even if Rahman wins a deserved Oscar. If Slumdog doesn't win, just read the conspiracy theories on the fourth of February. No, you'll end up watching them throughout on the third. And if Slumdog does win, God help us all!

EDIT: According to his website, this was his last column and Pursuits will henceforth appear only online. So peace obviously has not spread, oh well so much for hoping. Also while similar to a previous column on spies, this was a new column.


Anonymous said...

Lounge is printed a week in advance

Anonymous said...

Incorrect. It gets printed on Wednesday (21st Jan) and anyways Vir's post (about the troubles with Mint) on his website is dated 14th Jan.

So this issue seems to be settled for now.

Anonymous said...

Are we losing perspective?

Our PM was very close to dying. You don't go from angiography to by-pass operation in 3 days, unless it's really, reall serious. I know. I've had an uncle go through it.

Where's that perspective in the reporting? Let's forget our prejudices about MMS' abilities and scope as a PM. The most important constitutional figure (practically speaking) in India came very close to dying.

But outside AIIMS, it's like a bloody circus.

Anonymous said...

ok, anonymous 2... but how then do you explain the fact that the announcement "this is my last column for lounge" is still up there on his site?

Anonymous 2 said...

Hahaha...I guess we need to blame it on poor website management.

@K - is it possible for you to get a final word on this directly from 'The V' ?