Monday, January 19, 2009

Awards, a bit more for now...

GBO sent me an email with teh following list of awards 'audited' by PwC
Car India & Bike India Awards - NDTV
Infraline Energy Awards - CBNC TV18
Samsung IIFA Awards - Sony Enetertainment TV
and I'm pretty sure the list might go on and on...
But here is the strange thing, 'Awards' until and unless they're given by an independent body are always open to manipulation, and even that is suspect. Look at any automotive award show, invariably every manufacturer gets a cheaply made gong, which sometimes looks like a cheap dildo to put on display in their lobby. Well, at least some manufacturers are so embarrased they don't send out 5-megabyte mails (I will will personally slaughter the next PR flack who sends me a multi-megabyte mail with a silly picture of some corporate twat attached) and don't put up said dildo's in their lobbies.
Now, back to the mail which has been generating quite a few comments - one underlying thread of late is quite simple. Shouting 'ethics' so late in the day is akin to screaming wolf - if ethics were an issue (and believe me, it is an issue in every media house) then a stand should have been made earlier. There are always two sides to every story - we haven't heard Outlook's side, though I'm pretty sure it will not be pretty.
Back to the world of the media - the logo for ET Now could have been more well, exciting. There are also changes afoot at ET with verticals being formed and responsibilities divvied up - someone from ET please clarify in a comment. Also, and this is interesting, every large media group is indulging in mass-scale lay-offs in their online divisions and rumours are swirling that with their results a publicly traded newspaper company might shut down their online ventures division. Keep in mind that many major media organisations are in the business side of the internet as well, this is not just about maintaining websites. More later.


shyam said...

Two terms that don't really have any place in the media handbook beyond an association formed by a force of habit: Objectivity and Unbiased.

The first thing I learnt at my first major media shop job was that such kind of things are only for public consumption, internally, the media is just as bad as anyone else. What makes it worse is the image projected to the public coverage is unbiased and so on.

Nonsense. Everyone has an axe to grind. Some have a political one, others have a business one. It really is no big news.

Anonymous said...

and the auditor of TV Today is...

you guessed it... PriceWaterhouse

nudge nudge wink wink... ;)