Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Google Trends

I find Google Trends a fascinating tool - sorry Yahoo Search and MSN Live Search - but today's hottest search terms in India have nothing to do with Porno or Katrina Kaif but all to do with Satyam. However, I saw that NDTV Profit is the most popular search term for news, though that said TV18 needn't worry since they'll be getting a bulk of the traffic today at MoneyControl - just skim the top twenty. The visitor numbers for these sites must be off the scale today.
I wonder how the trends will evolve through the day. Taking a break from seeing a puffy faced and visibly angry Udayan - who can't help but remind us that three months ago he was lied to at the second quarter earnings call. But to be fair, Udayan has a point, while Ramalinga Raju would like everyone to believe that he managed to pull off a Rs 5000 crore scam (maybe Rs 7000 crore) scam by himself, he couldn't have done it himself. Just like Telgi wasn't alone, this man wasn't alone.
Edited to add: Michael Hirschorn has written a very scary piece for The Atlantic. I foresee a flood of American reporters in India over the coming months, while the media scene here goes through a dramatic transformation itself.

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Anonymous said...

Udayan Mukherjee may show signs of anger, only because he was lied to. That he is lying to his audience and indulging in insider trading is something that should piss off everyone watching TV18