Thursday, February 05, 2009

A spot of good news!

Mining in the Aravali's have been temporarily stopped. Refer this post and the fact that ToI carried the same pic in the front pages of the Delhi and Chandigarh editions today (I had sent the pic to someone there, though I carried the image here well before that). Hopefully, the destruction of the hill range has come to a stop. Plus, to answer a constant cribber, yes I didn't publish that comment, but that said several people close to the owners were removed. They had a 'Pets' vertical run by a 'cousin' (or relative) which was shuttered and several people close and even related to the portals management were let go.
I don't think sentimentality played a role in those mass layoffs nor should it in any layoffs. Recently, a rather successful publisher in a media group, a guy who turned around a dying publication a couple of years ago was let go. Anyway, soon after the layoffs I went to Shillong on a holiday and upon returning joined a proper newspaper. Sure, people will say I parachuted in there too, but for crying out loud, I'm no JC, so use what you got! Anyway, thanks for reading the story though, glad to know some people do!

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Constant Cribber said...

Congratulation on the aravali picture. Good to see that something which starts in a blog has now been taken up my MSM.

I have a close experience of friends working with the said group.This is what they say. The people who are laid off are usually the foot soldiers, low CTC people with no contacts who cant make calls to important people.

Cousins /relatives/chamchas/approach candidates are never laid off. They are usually reallocated/parked in other divisions like "education" , "Yoga classes" and and similar ventures run by the owners. Examples are people in Times Business Solutions...The chamchas who ran in into ground are still there. One has been transferred to another division. None have been laid off.It is the foot soldiers who have been laid off in the hundreds.