Monday, February 16, 2009

Alternative Careers II

We started this out in this post. Now we move on and read the story of a freelance writer who joined retail. Unlike the earlier idea this could actually be viable for some mediapersons in India, the only problem I see is the following - some 'mediapersons' are actually dumber than the average sales help in large retail chains - if you don't believe me please attend your average press conference.
Well, there is another problem, you know the one about the retail industry in India falling off a precipice. Those massive plans that we would walk, talk and shop Reliance remain plans thankfully - and after seeing the massive Reliance stores at Ambiance Mall I'm rather glad that they are only plans. If you have any other suggestions for what laid-off journalists should consider - as long as it does not involve kinky sex and/or blogging (or becoming a social media expert) - please write in or post your comments.


Speak India said...

Open up a school of journalism, charge a high fee. The ones who don't make the cut as a professor at the school can start a coaching institute.

This is the only industry, which specializes in emptying pockets with attitude.Huh!

Yusuf said...

How about teaching in BMM and other bachelor courses ? The money is good and the industry is recession proof :-)

| Balu | said...

Opening a college would be the best idea. I thought I would comment on this one, but hey someone's already done it. Apart from Mumbai good journo courses are tough to find. And in case one finds a good course the faculty generally are below par. They prefer to spend their time playing "politics" with their colleagues. You get the drift?

Oooh they could join PR, and get frustrated =D

Anonymous said...

Try IT...seriously. There is a dearth of good journalists - and I mean the ones who have superb command over the English language and have interest in technology. That is if they could also get those dumb assholes who run Marketing in IT companies to understand that PR means speaking only when you have something to say and does not mean getting themselves in the news every f*****g month. I should know, I'm there!! All the best!!

Anonymous said...

during the boom time all of u hacks made a lot of moolah. now take a long holiday and come back when boom time is back.

Anonymous said...

PR 'advisors' for politicians. Who normally also double up as brokers for deals between the media house owners and politicians. After all, journos know the media business so well. And besides, so many of the political beat fellows have been doing the same thing from the other side, trying to get tenders and projects approved from politicians when working for newspaper maaliks.

PAs for politicians. Pretty much the same job profile as above with some additional responsibilities if the candidate is street smart, ruthless and scheming enough. An ability to screw your present employer is an added bonus. You can then skim off the top on payments you make for the neta you represent.

-- A