Monday, February 16, 2009

Damp Squib

Yes there was the build-up, the telly channels and the newspapers were all excited. ToI even did a massive fluff piece on Mukherjee - comparing India today with Indira Gandhi's India. But what did everyone expect - a vote on account is just an exercise to keep things running till the elections happen. The elections are the big thing and that was made clear by the last couple of sentences of Mukherjee's speech...

"I have no doubt that when the time comes, our people will recognize the hand that made it all possible. The hand that alone can help our nation on the road to peace and prosperity. "

Imagine if the Indian National Congress still used its original symbol - "...the cow that made it all possible..." would have been a riot - but that said only the Congress really has an election symbol that lends it to this turn of speech.
About this post on the 'secular' Commies cozying up to Islamo-facists - yes, I was as surprised as any to discover that The Statesman still survives and the silence by the liberal Delhi news channels - the saviours of the secular identity of this country is mind-blowing.

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