Saturday, February 14, 2009


Erm, this is a shout out to the guy who keeps complaining that he finds this blog tough on his eyes. Changing styles on the Blogger platform is not easy, if I had to do such a change I might as well move over to WordPress, and honestly I don't have the time to move bag and baggage. I have made some initial progress towards making this a 'bigger' project, but give me some time.
As I said, this isn't my day job, so while a post can be fired off in a couple of minutes a shift is a bit more complicated and I don't wish to change templates. If you want to read this slightly bigger (and I appreciate that on certain resolutions, font size is an issue) you can do one of several things - first re-adjust your screen settings or increase the font size through your browser. But ideally, I would seriously suggest subscribing to the feed and read it through Google Reader. Gives you more flexibility.
I know I write posts here just like I file copy and, single space between paragraphs, and automated systems take care of spacing. I don't think blogs are about style - double spacing et. al. It is a blog after all.


Mohan said...

Hey K,
Have you tried chnaging the temp-late? The fonts differ on each template.

vikasgupta said...

Thank you for shouting (from the rooftops)! I heard you loud and clear! Thank you for giving me such importance. I am truly humbled.

I read the blog in Google reader only; but it is like chalk and chalk and not chalk and cheese even with Google reader!

Anyways, thank you for the explanation. I may be a generalist but I am aware of all the tweaks that I can do to see the blog in a different light/size/configuration.

You must be busy like a bee, I understand it now. The single space between paragraphs is some pain in the eyes but you do it like you file a copy! I'll adjust and improve.

You gave me enough importance; I would have been more glad if you had named me!

You have a dedicated popular following so you can say 'blogs are about style double spacing et al". Probably I will take time in understanding that 'it's (just) a blog' (and not a newspaper)!

I have all the time in the world but I am probably the odd man out!

You will probably laugh at me if you read my blogging tips (published as a guest post on One Cool Site). I am a new kid on the block and am learning the ropes; will take time to develop my understanding of blogs. No hard feelings!

Thank you once again! I will evolve suitably. Critique of the media is a subject close to my heart; so ghee ke ladoo tedho bhale!

By the way Hindustan Times neither published the results nor gave awards to its 'I Love Delhi' contests organized early 2007! You may write about it; I had submitted my poem on Delhi for the competition (which is on my blog). It was unethical and they never replied to my emails.

I feel like I am published in the newspaper! 553 people reading about my latest act in the cyberspace! Wow! Thanks a ton! :D Don't forget to publish my name (with the hyperlink) if I hit a raw nerve in future!


Vikas, Ph.D. student, JNU, Delhi.