Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For God's Sake

You know what bugs me, is people sending me requests for links. I appreciate that you've worked very hard on your link sharing site and how nice it is, but for crying out loud, I don't have the time or the patience to do your SEO work for you - and spam comments are worse. But sickly sweet emails talking about how someone did something and essentially tried to copy Digg/Facebook or Twitter is useless. How come I'm not surprised that ever since the slowdown there is less and less news of people setting up social networking sites. Why should someone (this this case Undie TV) spend hordes of cash setting up a video-sharing site when YouTube is already there (and you work with them). The idea of the internet is not about re-inventing the wheel or building a new road - the wheel was invested (probably with Indian and Chinese help) in the US, the highways already exist. But car companies are all going bankrupt but guess who is making money - parking lots! Make sure your parking lot is better than the others and not some crappy SEO-optimised site which when Google's spiders get smart will go all the way back down. Anyway, most crappy SEO stuff is now about 'online reputation enhancement' - make sure all the crappy stories that have your name don't come up in Google's first page by creating fake stories about yourself and then cross-linking a bunch of PR3 or PR4 sites. Anyway, just ranting.

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