Monday, February 23, 2009

Hai Jo!

Good on AR Rehman, Airtel will take out massive adverts in the papers tomorrow acknowledging his success. And he deserves it, he is one of the most gifted music writers of his generation, and the music and soundtrack to Slumdog was brilliant. Did it deserve the Best Movie and Best Director awards? Well, Danny Boyle is a great director, and while I've admitted that I am still iffy about the movie on the whole, I am not on the Academy's list of voters. That said, a movie like this could only be made by a foreigner looking into India rather than an India - not because of the money or the script but because our movies are mainly about denial and have always been, this movie takes on Bollywood at a level and with these awards shows essentially - 'See what you CAN do if you only tried.'
Congrats to my friends AB and RVP who worked on the movie, I don't know what you did but having Slumdog on your resume will help immensely.


Vishal said...

Yes, it's a historic moment not only for the indian film industry but also for the entire nation. But frankly speaking, Rehman has produced much better scores than Jai Ho. This one got it's popularity because it was more of an English movie and not an Indian one. Check his latest number masakalli in delhi 6! Excellence is the middle name of Rehman! JAI HO!
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Vikas Gupta said...

So, why did SM win 8 Oscars?!

Because “the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of!”

Slumdog Millionaire deserved a few Oscars only, in my humble opinion. But what the heck, I am delighted! 8 Oscars boy! Bhagwan jab deta hai chhapar phaad ke deta hai!

The power of human emotions can really overwhelm. It is a telltale sign that the ‘heart’ still calls the shots in a troubled and deteriorating world.

I bet the Government of India is thinking about India’s highest civilian award now- Bhart Ratna! It will soon rain official accolades on those who have made us proud (by shouldering the “burden of representation” among other things).

P.S.: Excerpted from my latest post; not hyperlinking because you smell a rat when there are hyperlinks!

J said...

If Slumdog Millionaire is an Indian film, Valkyrie must be German!