Thursday, February 05, 2009

Robot Chicken

I don't know about you but India ODI's are losing their watchability - we're pulverizing Sri Lanka. Last matchViru and Yuvi and this time Dhoni and Gauti (great to see both the Delhi boys do well though - Go Daredevils)  Almost as badly as they're pulverizing their Tamilian citizens in the north.
Though their most famous Tamilian set another record today. We're treating their bowlers like their government treats their domestic press. I don't know about you, but cricket diplomacy as practiced by India is a bit strange - terminating the contracts of the Pakistani players even if they didn't do drugs. It will be sad to see Akmal and Tanvir go from Warne's team (they do have a loophole for those two and Misbah - but why Shilpa Shetty ugh!). Anyway, I spent a lot of time watching Robot Chicken of late and I'm pretty bugged that no network shows Adult Swim in India. Dang!

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GBO said...

A well-known and old tyre company, Indian, once sponsored a ODI cricket series, in the days when these things were still held in England. At the end, when it came to the prize giving, they were asked that fine, we know you sponsor this series, but what does your company do?

They saw red, and then went right back to sponsoring rally cars.