Friday, April 11, 2008


One major reason I enabled comment moderation was not just to defuse the bitching that was happening back in January around NewsX but also to prevent spam comments. If you want to take an advert and promote a website, I'll be happy to oblige, I don't want comments saying, "Very good article, I am sure members of xxxxx website would love to read it. Love XXXXX". I'm to reject them anyway, so well, don't waste your time. If you want to email me and suggest a good website or a link I should visit, great, but comments with links are a no-no unless I think they have something interesting.
Anyway, apparently ABP's golden boys got payouts of Rs 8 crore and Rs 35 crore in that order for the 'amicable' (or not) parting of ways, and these are in respective order with which they parted ways. Not that the Income tax department will ever see a penny of these monies, though in the latter case, the money is being paid in equated quarterly installments with several post-dated cheques and with money from a logistics company will be used to establish a new fortnightly which will eventually have an office in Delhi's Green Park. s for the issues regarding UTV, if any readers have any material which they think it would be in the interest of others to read, mail it to me or write a comment.
Talking about the Beijing Olympics, the CPM, which bloodied its hands in Singur shows how 'democratic' an organisation it is by demanding 'safe passage' for the torch through New Delhi and with 'anonymous sources' calling the Dalai Lama names much as Coke's 'anonymous voices' once called Sunita Narain names. And then there is Aamir Khan who endorses two olympic sponsors - Samsung and Coke and will still run with the torch while 'thinking of the Tibetan cause' - Dude, you're an hipocrite, big deal, everybody is, just accept it. And you're short. And Shah Rukh is way better.
Anyway, I don't China quite realised what the global reaction to the Olympics was going to be and quite how many people in the world are quite uncomfortable with China. Check out some of the campaigns running all over the world on the Beijing Games.
I am not against the Games in Beijing. China has come a long way from Mao and won the rights to the games fair and square in 2001. I'm actually only worried about the fact that India will probably embarrass itself again winning next to nothing - one-sixth of the world's population will not have one medal (maybe one or two) to take back home. India should boycott the games as a way to save face not to make a political statement. Anyway, our Sports Minister now is a former Election Commission bureaucrat, which is something I find rather disturbing. And this guy, who is 70 by the way, is also in charge of youth affairs. WTF!


j said...

hi.. since you have permitted the use of ur blog for any interesting stuff with resppect to your judgement. here's something really facinating. i suppose you may have already heard of it:

rums said...

yea shahrukh khan rules!!! amir khan eat turd (raspberry)
and i agree about india (hehehe!)
and didn't get any of that media gossip on payout and offices in green park. please explain when we meet tomorrow k?