Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To quell rumours...

I've heard some fantastic numbers being quoted - some people are saying that an editor whose next move isn't quite clear is being offered a massive 10 large plus a sea-facing apartment in Worli. Others are saying that the man will get a 10-15 per cent stake in said 'new' newspaper. This is on top of the huge over-estimations of his current salary, which are being bandied at between 4-5 large. 
Now, we are still not clear if said Editor is moving out of current place of employment. What we do know is that a bunch of Editors from said place of employment are going out of town for an 'Editors Retreat' near the capital for the next few days. Other Editors names have now also started to do the rounds to take over at old place/new place depending on what decision is made.
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In other news, several senior advocates/politicians have recently been noticing the rise of a young (very well-connected) gentleman who has become of the biggest 'fixers' in Delhi. This rise has upset some of the older 'fixers' in town. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

At least this bit is confirmed: Jojo is leaving ToI. There was briefing of senior editors at a certain edition of the newspaper. Let's keep that bit a secret.

The Murdoch-Sarkar duo will launch the Telegraph (at least for now) in Mumbai with a big bang around Diwali. So watch out for the fireworks.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going anywhere as yet!
The stakes have been raised by SJ/VJ with offers to double salaries for all editors across the board and a compromise on Private Treaties also looming.
That said, ET is giving several of its employees 50% raises! And this at a time when newsprint is supposedly expensive.

Anonymous said...

bull... no fantastic raises. ok maybe for a few.

medianet compromise... yes.

in other news, Is a sakal times joint venture in the works?

Anonymous said...

oh! and sarkar should worry about telegraph in kolkata. Coz, before he knows it. It's gonna be blown away in the readership surveys come 2010.

then we have a battle on our hands... oh! I wish I was with the Times right now...

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The Times of India has been on a path of explosive growth, exploring new
opportunities even as it consolidates in leadership position in
traditionally key markets. We've had an explosive Chennai launch and are in
the final stages of launching Goa and Jaipur * and converting Nagpur into a
full-fledged edition.

Even as we seek new opportunities outside, we're conscious of the need to
create opportunities within, by giving colleagues a career path. In keeping
with our endeavour to create leaders from within, we have decided to
reassign some of our senior colleagues in The Times of India as Resident
Editors of the new editions. Organisationally too, it benefits us to have
editors who already understand the TOI way of thinking and working in key
positions across geographies.

We are pleased to appoint:

1. Sunil Nair, who has played a pivotal role in TOI Bombay, as RE of
2. Sunil Warrier, also a key member of the TOI-Bombay team, as RE of
3. Rajib Borah, who besides having been part of the core news
management team of TOI-Bombay has been a roving national resource for the
paper for two years, as RE-Goa.
4. Saurabh Banerjee, DRE of TOI-Kolkata, as RE-Jaipur.

We are also pleased to elevate:

1 Ravi Rao, Senior Assistant Editor, TOI-Bombay, as DRE in Bombay

2 Somit Sen, Chief of Bureau of TOI-Nagpur, as DRE in Nagpur.

3 Jaideep Marar will take over from Sunil Warrier as Sports Editor of

Please join me in wishing them the very best in their challenging
assignments. They will need all your cooperation and support to take The
Times of India to new heights.

Ravi Dhariwal

CEO- Publishing

Anonymous said...

Jojo announced last night to his senior team that he's quitting and headed to Network 18. So there, it's official!

Anonymous said...

The Murdoch-Sarkar not only prepare to lunch TT in mumbai...also Sarkar is planning float new JV in line with MCCS and sell some stake to Murdoch,The new company later may lunch some English tabloid from The Murdoch stable.The old lady, keeping close watch seems not liking, already putting a game plane in Delhi power corridor..and who's helping?? the cummies

Anonymous said...

JB is leaving... :)

Anonymous said...

errmmm, and how many secretaries is he getting ??

- Bonatellis

Anonymous said...

as many as he wants...

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't JoJo leave anyway? What's so hot about TOI anyway?
K - you're only 29? You sound ANCIENT!
The rumour is that TOI is manned (and womanned) by a bunch of young that true?
Whatever happened to the philosophy 'old is gold'? Is that why JoJo is leaving? He's too old for TOI?
Can I have some answers from K?