Thursday, April 17, 2008


So what exactly is going on, resignations are being used as contract negotiation tools and money as the other, and big, big money mind you. Is the mythical notion of 'honest journalism' being made into (a mythical) sacrificial lamb? People do know what is going on, but like a good game of Poker, the cards are being kept very close to everyone's chests. I still don't know if people are leaving or not leaving, and do not want to jump the gun, because things might still take a dramatic turn or get very messy. And we are not just talking about print, in the last two days two very senior anchors - marquee faces even have also put in their papers to play the same game.
All I do know is that, as I said many months ago, the Bus Rapid Transit corridor is a stinking pile of rubbish that ruins my daily commute. Little wonder that the matter today was berated in Parliament!

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