Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Updates

It seems that Financial Chronicle is launching (or not) in Delhi on the 14th, News X has launched despite the chaos in January and has won rave reviews from those who are able to get it for its clean layout and pretty anchorettes, but fortunately (or not) Tata-Sky viewers such as myself don't get the channel as yet. MJ Akbar isn't going back to ABP as a sort of super-editor but rather it seems that Seema Mustafa and him are starting a new fortnightly out of Gurgaon (a la Umesh Anand and Civil Society - though that is a monthly). Conde Nast, buoyed by the success of Vogue is bringing in GQ later this year with anglisiced non-desi Bong Sanjiv Bhattacharya (who I think is a fantastic writer, and I really remember a great piece he did on The Killers more than a year ago) as editor. They are also looking at launching Wired, though Wired could well be more of a facsimilie than GQ or Vogue. Mint is bleeding money down the drain, and losses are believed to have touched Rs 60 crore, and given the chaos 15 stories below, several senior editors over there are very insecure and being played against one another.
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Anonymous said...

newsprint prices are zooming - doubled in the past six months. It is going to cut a lot deeper for many

The Times of India is screaming the most abt losses at edit meets. Looks like the variable component of pay packets - as much as 25 per cent - is going to be tightly nicked.

Looks like the money from private treaties won't be counted as profits while calculating pay packets!

Wonder where that leaves HT? The paper is still selling for 30 paise in Mumbai and the ads are all package deals. Mint is still priced below HT and has absolutely no ads despite the packages!

Heard of the misnomer: Birla and broke? You will hear it in the case of the B-lady.

Anonymous said...

Nizammuddin not Gurgaon
80 crore not 60 crore

GBO said...

I think the media, most of the media, in India, will soon learn that there are no rich exits available any more.

Investors = money stashed, yes.