Monday, April 07, 2008


Damn, a holiday can be so relaxing and even more when you switch off your cell-phone and not check the internet, well, I did sneak in a few random access to me Gmail inbox and to Facebook but I had a great time. And people, if you can just go to Cambodia sometime, I mean Angkor was spectacular. I'm still hurting after all the walking and climbing, but the place is stunning!
Anyway, doing a quick catch-up it seems that News X is alive though not exactly kicking since I have only seen it in office - though, and sorry for sounding sexist - big boobs are terribly captivating, more so than news! The BCCI which has decided to be a worse whore than the lady-boys at Pat Pong is in a pitched battle with the media (aka Times of India) and will most certainly lose if India does another spectacular collapse. And assorted bits here and there, including a new-found pragmatism in the media as regarding coverage of the Tibet issue, on which I do have some thoughts since I consider many of the Tibetan refugees in McLeodganj to be rather ungrateful. And of course, the internet, content, creativity, access and originality debate which is carrying on.
Anyway, it is good to back in chaos!

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Anonymous said...

I was particularly amused with the self righteousness of the Times of India, especially when they don't shirk from selling every column cm of space in their paper as 'advertorial' if someone's buying.

Heck, they won't print press releases in supposedly editorial City pages unless they are 'paid material'. Doing all this (and more under the guise of 'features') and going about calling the BCCI commercial seems a teensy weensy bit hypocritical of the Toiletpaper of India, don't you think?

I was laughing my head off when I saw that BCCI post from an obviously pissed off ToI management sulking over Pawar & Co doing what ToI does so well. Seeing the BCCI have its way, even if to see the ToI get a taste of its own medicine, would be so cool.