Monday, April 21, 2008

A conspiracy of silence

"Tui na, shob kichu tor bloge likhe deesh" - that is Bangla for "Bugger, you write everything on your blog."
Therefore in exchange for blog silence, temporary blog silence I assure you, I have been informed of what is really going on in Mumbai. It suffices to say that everything is not as cut and dry as it seems - we live in interesting times! Rest assured that you will get to hear of the latest developments shortly.
Now, to the IPL, which completely deserves the hype it is getting. So what if the Delhi Police can't figure out how to manage traffic in and out of Feroze Shah Kotla, the light-towers looked wonderful in the stadium. And so what if the DDCA does not realise that a match without any announcements of who is batting or bowling really does not work, especially if the scoreboard is a malfunctioning unit (forcing us to check the cricinfo site between overs to figure out what was going on), this is a revolution. Now, my loyalties are town between my city - Delhi and the parochial Bong choice, which would be the extremely glam Kolkata team - the hidden story yesterday was Rahul G's attendance - which almost confirms that SRK will be campaigning for the Congress come 2009. They might need him since food prices are going through the roof, and the Bharat Nirman adverts during cricket may not work - where on earth is the bijli?

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