Friday, April 18, 2008


While the capital yesterday endured a police state scenario for the Olympic Torch Relay (which was only watched by policemen) which this author has not seen in living memory – and that includes the chaos that ensued following Rajiv Gandhi’s murder or the insanity that precedes Independence Day and Republic Day, Bombay was agog about how two-failed actors had taken a rag for a ride. Now, I believe the media should have boycotted the evening function and that both actors possibly do not realise the enormity of what they have done, and their reputations will probably be shot at every possible opportunity now, but none the less.

While the media is now questioning motives, who is to blame? The reporter evidently did all his groundwork, called up both parties to check the story and can 'technically' be the victim over here, my question is why was this on Page 1 in the first place? I want to know who the PR chap was who thought of the idea, because this will have blowback!

Anyway that said, a well-orchestrated con-job can catch out many journalists - The Smoking Gun exposed Akon - singer of that horrible track 'Smack That' as being a fraud but for years no-one questioned the guy. Now Akon is a lot bigger star that these two failing Bollywood ex-stars (well, one was never a star) so will this ruin his reputation. Yes, it will.

We'll forget about this story soon because the Indian Premier League starts today, and after all non-boycotts have been resolved, let's see how it turns out. I've decided to go watch the first game at the newly floodlit Kotla tomorrow, so I'll report from that.


Anonymous said...

Hot Tip:

JoJo has been wooed away by the Aveek Sarkar-Rupert Murdoch duo.

Musical chairs on in Mumbai as more senior ToI people quit for greener pastures.

HT Media crowd is going to ToI stopping en route at third parties'.

Anonymous said...

If the Tibetans hadn't announced their plans for disrupting the torch run there wouldn't have been this much security in the first place.

The most appalling discussion on the torch relay was on NDTV with the anchors trying to put words in to the mouth of panelists. All they wanted to hear was "how suffocating the run was amid such tight security". The clever panelists however didn't fall in to their trap. Just what did these morons at NDTV expect? Did they want the Tibetan refugees to put out the sacred flames and show India in a bad light? The problem is that the morons at NDTV recruited by a nepotist just dont have any idea of the importance of Olympics and the honour of carrying the Olympic torch for an athlete.