Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm back...

Sorry, I was away on a trip out of the heat, getting a final series of stamps on my passport before it has to be renewed. This blog has not been 'shut down' by editors orders though ed claims blog is taking too much of my time, which may be correct. Anyway, I'm back now and here are some updates.
According to the grapevine, Jojo IS actually leaving - though no formal papers have been signed he is not only leaving but dragging around 15 senior editors from the Times and ET with him along with a posse of very good reporters. Plus, why did HT's last Executive Editor actually leave, was it because one video clip got released into the wild along with an email chat transcript? And what has been happening at Papermint in the RN-RS equation, who is exactly what now?
And the big news, now that Sanjaya Baru has finally decided to move on, his position will be taken over by The Hindu's current Political Editor Harish Khare and his position might be willed by Sid Vardharajan. Plus, and this is news about one of this blog's favourite personalities, The V is back in play and will be rewarded for years of unswerving loyalty to Italy (which is a frikkin' expensive but gorgeous country) by being made Chairman of Prasar Bharti.
Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Of course, only Jojo would know who the good reporters in the Times and ET are: he's been single handedly responsible for killing all their great stories!

If Jojo doesn't take these reporters few outside the Times buildings across the country would know their calibre.

As for the editors, ToI always had a great desk. Even when JoJo decked up the post-budget edition of ET like Santa Claus' sledge on Christmas eve, the desk brought some amount of sobriety to the paper.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

check this out: http://timesascent.in/index.aspx?page=article§id=14&contentid=20080429200804291727393786dc4f03a
Times itself has carried the rumors of its editor leaving!

Anonymous said...

What's the latest on the food reviewer The V, who thinks he is fit to do other jobs, like writing opinion on foreign affairs and analyzing the mood of the "Indian middle" (he says he got a chance to view "the Indian middle" while helping his pal on a TV show)?

Anonymous said...

About the journalists : if all their stories were killed why on earth would they want to follow to untried pastures with someone who they think will kill what they write? seriously confused

Equally anonymously

Anonymous said...

Guess, who is watching the jojo saga with real interest. not the Times guys, but good old(?) Aditya Sinha, the editor in chief of the relaunched The New Indian Express. Jojo had screwed his re-launch party by almost wiping out his reporting teamm, and the Sunday Magazine team. Poor guy is now holding a very well designed newspaper with whatever content that a reporting team with average experience of 18 months can dish out.

Anonymous said...

Is it surprising that the 'V' will be made Chairman Prasar Bharati?

Few yrs ago as the transition from BJP to UPA took place this same 'V' made the then editor Chaurasia & his core team leave DD. His idea was that Chaurasia & gang will NOT cover the Italian brigade...although they did a thorough job. People had begun to appreciate the DD for a change. But V called chaurasia & informed him categorically that he will be made to leave if he did NOT quit.

Such was the situation that all records of their work was erased permanently from the archives of DD! this IS Indian journalism!

Anonymous said...

at the end of the day, Jojo or anyone else at ToI is only a dummy editor with the real controls in the hands of the brand manager. Nowadays, the private equity guys vet the pages before being sent to the press.

So only Jojo and the rest know what the reporters are capable of. And the guy, to give credit to him, has been fighting for his reporters in a manner of speaking.

So he will know whom to walk out with.

Wolfmother said...

who cares?
Jojo leaves, someone called Bobo joins. I don't think editors matter anymore, sadly.
As for V and HT, the newspaper is resembling a bad manga comic with so many pictures. And does anyone know if HT has a stake in the IPL, they are hyping it to the limit. No coverage of tennis and EPL these days...time to cancel my subscription.
And V is writing the same thing every week for the past 2 years-ways to cook eggs, some 5 star chef -who is completely irrelevant for 99.99% of its readers and concerts by the band America, (which is irrelevant for 99.9999999% of its readers).And there was a very weird piece by Mr KK Birla in Brunch. Why does the Lalaji want to write?
So many questions

Anonymous said...

Some updates:

* Urgent efforts underway at Times House to retain Jojo. Truce with Raghav Bahl ruled out but $$$$$ may walk the talk with Joydeep Bose. It has worked twice before.

* In case Jojo actually leaves and also causes general exodus, Times House will DESPARATELY seek to bring back the old Times stalwarts like Padgaonakar as advisor and Swapan Dasgupta or Sid V (depending on how the management reads future election result).

* Another name being examined in PMO is Razdan of PTI. Feeling is to have more down to 'arth' person in Baru's job (shades of Dua) who will be less aloof and can build PM's image before election.