Monday, September 12, 2005

Nice weekend!

While I must've been one of the only persons in town to skip the Bohemia launch party (on both Friday and Saturday) because I didn't quite feel so good (and I was doing something else on Saturday), I did get a lot of 'We're missing you' SMSes from friends who were all trying to beat the world record for the most number of Tequila shots consumed inside an hour. Thanks, I missed all of you too. That said, I did manage to get sufficiently drunk, met up with old friends, met strange bartenders (bhang Martini's anyone?), watched a nice play and saw Bollywood's new-age version of the 'boy-meets-girl' story. Plus, I also managed to get settled into my new house. Phew, it was a packed weekend.
But while the other stories are not worth recalling for the general public, Salaam Namaste is. I caught the movie and while the first half was rather entertaining, the last scene (which among several others is also ripped off from Nine Months) kills the movie. In the Hollywood flick, there is already a build-up for the Robin Williams character, here we suddenly see Abhishek Bachchan walk-in out of thin air. Anyway, it was an entertaining movie nonetheless, yet I will ask how Saif's character plans getting a family around in his dinky car?
Plus, if you're really bored at home and have some good vodka lying around try this - Aam Panna, Khus, Cream and Vodka. It tastes terribly nice. And so does vodka and Nariyal Paani. Yum, yum.


thalassa_mikra said...

Is that pun deliberate? I mean, you do know that "Dinky" is Saif's soon-to-be ex-wife's nickname :)

Shivangi said...

Gah! Thought I'd watch that movie on Saturday... But you know PVRs on weekends. Yikes!!!
And yes, "No shit Sherlock"... hehehe...

K said...

TM : Now that you mention it.... But seriously, I preferred Hugh Grant's 911 in Nine Months. Saif got a itsy-bitsy Smart.
Shivangi : I thought with all the new halls things had improved in Delhi, this city has seen some ten new 'plexes open in the past year alone.