Thursday, January 24, 2008

Updates v10.1

Somebody should tell the folks at INX that if they made a soap opera about themselves, ratings would probably soar. At least inside this incestuous industry, it may not necessarily work in muffasil towns where designer bindi's worn by the K-serial vamps are in vogue, but in the media world, full of overpaid and oversexed, the serial would be a superhit. And did I hear someone say 'Target Demographic', can you beat a demographic of people like yourselves!
I should start charging a commission, because I'm tired of the story otherwise. The latest update is like that of a couple which are saying that, 'Yes, we hate each other, but we are staying together for the kids!' This is Charles and Diana in the Indian media world. Mint I think hits the nail on the head with this story.
So is this the end? Nope, I don't quite think so.


thalassa_mikra said...

" On their fourth meeting at a party in his house, Peter proposed to Indrani."

Guess professional acumen doesn't translate well into exercising due diligence in personal life.

Anonymous said...

Are you Connected to "The pioneer" by any chance?

Anonymous said...

in your obsession with INX, you've missed out on one quiet but significant development. deccan chronicle has finalised the top brass for its proposed pink paper. shubrangshu roy (ex-ET) is chief operating officer and priya ranjan dash (ex toi and now with dna) will be managing editor.
well more jobs for financial journalists.

snigdha said...

yes, the pink paper from deccan chronicle seems to be a reality now. wonder why another biz paper though.

shweta said...

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