Monday, January 07, 2008

United front!

We lost the Sydney Test to a bunch of cheating, lying monkeys, because that is what the Australian cricket team is. But what was even more surprising was massively united front the media presented today, 'We woz robber, guv'ner!' The Google News search shows that this is quickly deteriorating into an out-of-control situation. Wonder how soon it is before a demarche is issued by one government or another. Then again, I completely agree with what the Indian team is doing, as well as the media, and I believe that all Indian companies should quickly suspend all commercial deals with Australian players! Hit them where it hurts!
But only the Times carried a story on the front page, which has made a lot of people I know very, very upset!


Professional Cynic said...

in the past you seem to have been critical of the mass hysteria that indian media tends to create over non-issues (for the sake of TRPs)
how is this any different ?

K said...

Completely so, but cricket is different and this ain't cricket! Everybody is a bit of a hipocrite, but justice has not been served in this case at all. I'm completely off the belief that should be kept on the boil for a while and a diplomatic incident should ensue, so that those sheep-f***ers know their place in the world.
Read Greatbong for a delightful piece on the matter!

Anonymous said...

G Rajaraman's blog post on the matter

Anonymous said...

apparently, Harbhajan said "teri maa ki" and that bugger heard monkey!

Professional Cynic said...

i have spent the last 3 days arguing with the whole world that our reactions have been over the top.
the players maybe right or wrong but the chest-thumping and self-righteous indignation back home is tragic. will indian batsmen henceforth walk when they knick ? and indian spinners refuse to benefit from friendly umpires ?
and what about our media ? now that icc has kow-towed to our demands , the 'bring the boys back home' petition have given way to 'annul the SCG test' petitions !
ALL of this would still be acceptable if we didn't go and get ourselves whipped in Perth next week, (and what are the odds of that not happening ?)