Friday, January 04, 2008


After conquering the North-East with the launch of a Guwahati Edition (putting yet another peg in the coffin of The Telegraph), the Times of India is about to (finally) conquer the final frontier and launch a Chennai edition by the middle of this year. For those of you who think that this is just another time that the Times 'Cries Wolf', this time the group is serious. After all there are so many Chennai-based companies with which they have Private Treaties. OK, kidding, but they are hiring for this edition. Serious!

Just to ensure that they are not dead and buried, NewsX has gone on a second hiring spree and recently approached the (decidedly right-wing) Political Editor of a national daily. While this person has politely not decided as yet, and given that NewsX will probably be yet another Congress propoganda channel, like the Congress really needed another one, they have lured away some senior print types of late. So a launch date of March 15 seems highly plausible. Plus a giant PR mail went out announcing new shows for January on 9X which is still free to air on Tata Sky it seems. But, NDTV Imagine's new Flagship show's adverts are quite sad - what is it with music shows?

Facebook is getting quite scary with an extremely senior journalist climbing on board. I won't disclose whom, but his profile picture is a cartoon. No Really!


thalassa_mikra said...

Why is that scary? Practically all of Bollywood is on Facebook already - I thought it would be the same for print media. (Abhishek Bachchan actually goes under a pseudonym).

And I think it's really cool when older people adopt things like Facebook.

Anonymous said...

if it's Mr Y of bw, he's not that senior a journalist. but cartoon character he sure is

Anonymous said...

PC by any chance? Just saw him on Facebook! Time for me to leave that place then.