Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Will someone explain to me why the guys at TV18 stood for a minutes silence today sometime around five in the evening?

UPDATE : So if the minutes silence was for Mahatma Gandhi, isn't Octobe 2 already a holiday where we go without booze. Anyway, back to the point, would the Mahatma have approved of a channel like CNBC TV18 which promotes naked capitalism, or for that matter what would the Mahatma have said about the state of the Indian media today. Would he have approved the media showing women wearing less than he did, well I guess he would have but... Of course, one prominent news channel instead of questioning Mahatma's legacy in today's day and age, where kids in Delhi and Bombay, ask for a 'baldie' only to roll it up to do a line of cocaine. Where almost ninety percent of our population was born after independence, and over half are two generations removed from the freedom struggle. An India where police brutality today makes the Brits look like stinking angels. Of course not, that channel went on about how Nathuram Godse was a maniacal madman, and ergo (implied, mind you) if we were to vote the NDA back into power it would lead to a generation of Gandhi-killers...
Oh well!


Anonymous said...

Umm ... maybe mourning the departure of all those people you talked about in the previous post .... in advance

or something

mallu said...

Gandhiji's death anniversary ?

Bhaaji's acquittal ?