Thursday, January 17, 2008

More news

This just in, to counter rumours that 'rivals' are spreading, The V recently held a meeting at NewsX to assure everyone that he is firmly in the saddle. Now, the question obviously is who have been spreading the rumours ? And what does this mean for the launch date of NewsX which is still set at March 15, or maybe earlier. Frankly, I don't care that much because yet another news channel won't make my life any better or worse, but I always thought this latest round of rumours which started over the past weekend were a bit off because NewsX has just hired a whole bunch of rather decent folks.
Anyway, Monday will see the launch of NDTV Imagine, and after seeing the promo's for the new Ramayana playing on Star Cricket while our awesome bowlers horsewhipped the Aussies today morning, I must admit I am really disappointed. The old serial two decades ago, was a great example of mid-80's production quality, but the new one could have been so much better. The graphics are horribly uninspiring, I mean look at the work that has gone into digital technology over the past two decades and it seems that it passed the Sagar's by. The show might still do well, but c'mon, I really expected a special effects bonanza, Indian epics are ready for a special effects bonanza, but no...
I must admit I feel a bit disappointed at the promos, and before you argue that these are just promos, the promos usually have all the cool clips anyway and these left me slightly cold.
And to those of you who say I'm a wannabe, shucks man, if you only knew... About me being a monkey, sure, but we all are, aren't we. Cheers. Not deleting comments just yet, but things have been said through comments and emotions are running fairly high and the IP logs on Google Analytics make for really interesting reading about where hits are coming from. Traffic has shot up to cross 400 hits a day over the past week, Week 2 of Jan had 2438 hits, quite a bit for a blog that potters along at an average of 1300-1600 hits a week.

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hey monkey K.. you rock man..!!! keep up the show.. keep it on... we all enjoy it.. keep up the good work ..!!!