Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'Teri Maa Ki'='Monkey'

If this comment in my last post is to believed... actually it is very believeable actually. I mean, we have all heard delightful Punjabi abuses on the stump-mic quite often, and that is a freason I actually enjoy watching Pakistan play on TV, the gali's are darn good fun, but I miss Javed Miandad! Abuses just sound wrong in Bangla, but seem to have a certain verve in north Indian languages. Anyway, enough about my fascination with dirty words, if you want 'sledging' or whatever it is the Australians call it, out of cricket, turn the stump microphones up. I wonder how saintly we will think our cricket heroes are then. This is just a suggestion from a humble cricket fan, because I am very certain that even the 'Men in Blue' give their fair share out, but I for one would like to hear the Ozzie slip cordon in full flow.
Anyway, I wonder if it is a bad idea to ask a business magnate about his sexual proclivities during an interview. Well obviously it is, but you know sometimes when you interview people you have this desperate urge to ask people something completely unrelated to the theme of the interview, I mean imagine how much more fun shows would be if you could question Bollywood stars about their drug habits or politicians on getting caught in high-end brothels. I've always wanted to ask a senior editor on air about his trip to Laos along with a former PM's delegation on what two obviously underage Laotian girls were doing wrapped around his arm, but alas! We are a conservative country where nobody does drugs or has sex and God save us if too much cleavage is shown on TV, and Priya Ranjan Das Munshi wants to save us not just from cleavage but also salacious news stories. India is all happy, happy, joy, joy. We're all on a giant extascy trip!
Plus, if you do meet me at a Press event and like my blog, please do tell me but there is an email address presstalk (at) gmail (dot) com where you can email in your media tips and stories. If you have something relatively unsubstantiated, leave a comment, even if you are one of those idiots who seems to have a huge issue with me. By the way, to the commenter who wanted to whine to my editor, I must point out that my editor has been aware of this blog pretty much ever since I started it and has occasionally told me to tone down, which I would believe I have done since 2005. Yeah, I've rubbed some people the wrong way along the way, but this is just an opinion blog, I write it like I see it!
Cheers and to the guys who told me they read my blog religiously today, thanks, but do leave comments once in a while.


GBO said...

Kostun: how long your editor going to remain your editor/ SD - FE = RPG, so??

Anonymous said...

okies.. K.. here i leave this comment! i know wat u mean as i have been pretty much following ur blog and its history as well..and i prety much wud like to urge u NOT TO TONE WDOWN PRETTY MUCH..
u bet..as we all say and i have come to love it in delhi.. teri maa ki...!!! on an UNRELATED note, tell me do u post from ur office sittin under that TV or from home..?

thalassa_mikra said...

Unless it's related to some other ethical scandal, like the Jack Welch Suzy Welch thing, or if they've been blowing up company money on mistresses or boy-toys, or if someone actually drops dead (a married man dating a gay stripper) like the hedge funder Seth Tobias, I don't think the American media bothers to ask.

Compared to how actors and politicians are treated, there's still some kind of fawning awe reserved for businesspersons.

zb said...

Teri ma ki ! I posted it first here

Quirky Quill said...

Stumbled on your blog and well, I'm hooked. Write on. we are reading. Toning down?- you gotta be kiddin!

Anonymous said...

It could also be that Symonds asked something to Bhajji and Bhajji said:

"Mainoo-Ki-" maloom.

Mainoo-Ki = Monkey.... LOL LOL

Cheran Parvai said...

Their Locker...
1: Mates, We are not able to face these spinnerz . what do we do?
2: We say he chucks...
3: No we did that to the lanka guy..remember?
1: Have to think something new...
2: Lets use the racial abuse card
3: Wow gud one mate
1: What if someone from Pakistan comes?
2: Lets use the terrorist card!
3: Wow We rock!

HolyTrance said...

I just got this link from a frnd here in my office and then after reading this post, I suddenly turned around and asked her loudly, "Hes an editor??" She provided me with a background about your academic qualifications and ofcourse your name, which I confirmed about 5 times to ensure if I got it correctly :).

Anyways, heres one more reader for your blog. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Cheran Parvi, Indian crowds started the monkey chants not the Aussies.Terms of play included racial slurs as a result of this form of abuse.
Symonds comes from part black heritage same as millions of Afro Americans.I would suggest if one of you called a black American a monkey he tear your head off.
As for chucking, the rules were changed so the doosra would be legal because he does straighten his arm during delivery.H Singh has a history of abuse and I dont think for a moment he is an angel.I have great respect for Sachin, VVS, Kumble etc.Its not a race thing its because of Singh's character.
Warne was a great bowler but sure had his character flaws too.Ask any aussie they'll say great bowler but a foolish man.