Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to business!

While the INX news is coming in faster than I can handle, now even colleagues are feeding me with dope mentioning screaming matches between erstwhile friends (VS and PM), I would like take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for managing to keep this thing going for three years, there have been times I've come close to saying 'Eff it', but 600 posts and a blog that is going into its fourth year, and one which had in excess of 100,000 hits last year, over 100 RSS subscribers in total. Not bad, I wish someone would buy me out now or pay for my silence or something!
Anyway, Sucheta Dalal has this interesting piece on a supposed email sent out by Rahul Joshi of The Economic Times talking about Times Private Treaties - BCCL's Private Equity investment vehicle. I have mentioned the serious problems such a relationship could bring up, but this is a rather detailed post. I cannot confirm the veracity of such an email, but this post does make for interesting reading.
To a commenter in the last post, true VS and RV did play a role in the spectacular downfall of CK, so much so that supposedly while RV was showing CK his papers at the Oberoi, VS was laughing at HTH telling all and sundry that CK was being fired. While there were many people who were not exactly happy with CK given his abrasive personality, many people were upset at the manner of his 'dismissal', because it seemed quite petty. RN as Editor of HT? Now where will that leave Mint!

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