Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What to look forward to....

At least three new morning papers (in Delhi) – first off the line will be HT Business, We all know they’re starting soon (maybe even by the end of this month), people have even tried to peddle subscriptions to me. So will this finally be the paper to give ET a run for its readership numbers? I certainly hope so. They've hired some good people, and some not-so-good ones, but they have (along with ET) definately skewed corporate reporters salaries the right way.
Then we will have Delhi Mirror – the bastard child born of the collaboration between 18-20 KG Marg and 7 BSZ Marg. Listen, if it is anything like Mumbai Mirror, a paper of which I am an unabashed fan, I will love it! I’ve said many times, the reason I love the Mumbai Mirror is because of its total irreverence to everything, so completely and totally trashy that it’s readable. This city is crying need of a good tabloid and with such unholy parentage, I totally expect this product to kick some ass!
We will also have Today, the morning version of the afternoon paper no-one read anyway. So will you read it? Some people certainly hope so. I’m iffy about this papers prospects very honestly, but you never know. Maybe those Media Marts's in the Metro will actually serve a purpose!
On the TV front – this year we will get KJ’s Undie’s on TV aka NDTV Entertainment. Plus, Times will start yet another channel that nobody will watch – don’t they ever learn (a rumored business channel). But a better bit of advice will be for them to improve what they have and a first step would be removing everyone and starting afresh. Hopefully TV Today won’t start another English Channel after the Bloomberg deal fell through.
Anyway, what I do know is that my workload for the year will increase and though it is highly unlikely that I will move out of the job I have, experience has taught everyone that never say never, eh?


Bonatellis06 said...

HT Biz is claiming it's going to start of as No. 2 in Delhi - apparently so much of subscription has been committed to in the NCR.

And they're hopeful, I hear, that by the time they launch (Jan 15?) they'd be No. 2 in Mumbai as well.

If they can walk the talk, that's not bad. But the million dollar question is: who's gonna GET the stories?

thalassa_mikra said...

Happy New Year to you too! A bit belated though.

Nikhil said...

Apropos HT Biz: All about first getting the numbers. I've subscribed for a year at 299 for the first year. They've also given a free 30 day sub of WSJ. Jan end, I think.

I haven't gone through an entire day in the last four months without hearing, reading or saying the word 'traction'.