Monday, January 15, 2007

Bad Taste and Big Brother.

Short post. PR Dasmunshi, a man who has single-handedly tried to ruin Indian football (but has been helped by other sundry idiots to take it to depths beyond Dante's imagination) thinks that YouTube should be banned because of this. First, I think this is terribly bad taste and a stupid joke, but I don't need the government to play content supervisor. Second, someone please explain to me what jurisdiction a Vadodra court (I guess the Lawyer wants to show his aukaat, in other parts of the world the guy would be debarred) has over events in Bombay? Just because someone went to the show and got a hard-on, he files a suit. It was a new year show, with Mallika Sherawat - what did you expect a chick in a Burkha? Sixty and Seventy year old busybodies who drive at 25kmph in the fast-lane should be prevented from filing PIL's - the world will be a better place!
And nothing like a forthcoming celebrity wedding (even The Hindu thought it newsworthy enough for Front Page!) to bury Nithari - more on that later! And by the way, their latest movie together isn't as bad as their last movie together - but its bad despite the director and the hype. Thank God for Mallika Sherawat!


Shashikant said...

Here is Outlook's take on Sherawat's show.

thalassa_mikra said...

Thank goodness for Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat. They make it easier to bear the constant media bombardment of annoying goody-two-shoes like Aishwarya.

Will nothing please the tharki buddhas of India? India probably has more killjoys per square km. than any other country in the world. And hypocrites too. I could have sworn I read some dirt about PR Dasmunshi once about a time (some Tollywood connection), but I can't seem to remember.