Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I would like a Mint please!

It seems DNA began an era of 'new-age' names in the Indian newspaper industry. HT's new business paper is called 'Mint'. The name is very clever, though, and this despite my pretensions of being a business reporter, took me a shake of the head to comprehend. So when I think of great business journalism in white and a six-column layout and six days a week (sorry BS) will I think of 'Mint' and will I able to remove that nagging thought that makes me think of Polo all the time for some strange (or frighteningly obvious as a colleague just told me) reason. Anyway, the paper comes out day-after and expect a run-down of the paper and its various sections here.
I just hope that 'Mint' is able to retain the design elements imparted to it by Mario Garcia, because even The Hindu could not. I think Mario Garcia brought in a great freashness to The Hindu and it looked good for a couple of weeks before the paper reverted to type - but in a more colourful sort of way.
Anyway, that's done. And now take a look at HT's absolutely mindboggling inane viral campaign for HT Cafe!
EDIT : Mint's website is located here - no content up yet! But really, even if they do a half-assed effort it will be better than all the other sites of the financial dailies and if they can steer clear of MoneyControl's habit of loading the home page with 5001 applets it should do well. In fact, I'll do a website review of various media sites sometime, but I have to work now.
EDIT 2: Like the sex-starved masses who come here looking for an erotic picture of (a particular) lithe Bollywood actress(es) or other interesting pictures, I'll spread the image now mint out a bit. Their supplement is called 'mint Lounge' and it all seems interesting. Lets see if they are able to give ET a run for their money.


thalassa_mikra said...

"Guaranteed to make you wet" WTF?? Is this some horny smart alec at HT trying to do a Dada Kondke on us?

By the way, do you know anyone who might be interested in investing in an educational institute in Naples? A friend of mine is developing this project with the Naples local government and is looking for entrepreneurs.

Anonymous said...

Is the name mint and not Mint?

GBO said...

299/- last day today I think still gets you a year's supply of something or the other mint or MINT or Mint . . . all I know is they still need a motoring column which will not do only new car reviews . . . hehehehe