Thursday, January 25, 2007

The V + Peter (with a liitle money from Big Brother)

Or at least that is the big story doing the rounds in Delhi right now - while the story is quite believable given that Peter has finally left Star after doing virtually nothing over the entire last year - even though the man does have some killer ideas about the internet. The last time I interacted with him at a media convention he was excited about YouTube and 'Mobisodes'. So, despite his friendship with 'The V', it is quite peculiar he is starting a plain old channel with a guy who is quite proud of his inability to use any form of modern compuwizardry. Well, 'The V' did set up his own television production company some time and tried desperately to sell shows (himself) on other channels but whan the ratings came in, nothing survived - even the one on Headlines Today.
Anyway, what really intrigues me most, is why 'Bada Bhai' wants to fund this? I mean, not that he will do it directly, one of his underlings will be asked to put in the money, but you know that the shots will be called from a small office in Nariman Point. Of course, that is what intrigues me most, um, the other thing that puzzles me is content. I mean c'mon 'Content is King' right? Well, it is actually the advertiser who is king, but let us for one second believe this 'Content' funda. What on earth will they show on this channel - other than the cursory obnoxious talk show hosted by 'The V'. But, you will have to have some content beyond that - I guess the couch will be used quite liberally in this channel, but that is just me.
Anyway, recenly a media mogul (or mogul-ess, in this case) and Rajya Sabha MP celebrated her birthday in London, flying down a host of Delhi's elite, self-important admen and layers BA Club World. At the same time, her underlings who are in the process of starting a new newspaper have supposedly made a funny rule banning personal phone calls in office time, and are working people so hard without a paper out that some people have already begun to leave for the greener (or pinker) pastures of ET, where they can make as many phone calls as they like, because they only have to write one story a month or something like that. And the launch of this new newspaper has been temporarily put off from the 26th - it will now be launched within the next ten days. Or so I should hope, I keep getting emails from people working on their desk trying to sell me subscriptions.
The capital of the country is in complete lock-down mode today with more mindlessly placed checkpoints all over the place. If you drive past India Gate you will see random tanks and missile launchers all over the place. For the parade, but I still can't quite make out why we pander to our socialist roots by having this rather ridiculous show every year which puts Delhi though two weeks of diversions and traffic jams. I'm sure President Putin will feel more than the usual hint of nostalgia during the show.
Anyway, Happy Republic Day everybody. And before I go, during last night's random Tequila drinking, a senior colleague from Bangalore (so much for anonymity) told me that this blog is quite popular down there - something that the traffic stats back up. Hey thanks - even though most visitors come from the NCR and Mumbai most of those guys I think are looking for Mallika Sherawat or naked air-hostesses or something like that!
So, I was curious, I mean I've carried this blog on for over two years and nearly 500 posts 130000+ visitors in the last 18 months (averaging over 300 plus daily nowadays) even though this blog doesn't do the sneaky trick of boosting blog hits through an annotated feed (50 subscribers on Bloglines, thats 49 minus me, don't ask me why I subscribe to me own feed and that is discounting the Feedburner feed), so maybe some people who have visited this blog for a while can tell me what they would like this blog to do. Any changes in terms of design, layout, content (I doubt I will change content, but you can give an idea right?)


thalassa_mikra said...

Why did you decide to change your nickname for "The V"? I quite liked the old one.

By the way, will both Peter and V rest on the couch, or is that exclusively V territory?

As for media baroness' new newspaper, what can you possibly expect from Lalaji ka chhapakhana. I mean, the Jains are lalas too, but they're a bit less old school.

Anonymous said...

Keep pushing. Just be at it as you are. Nice & Cool. more power to you

Anonymous said...

You are doing a real good job Buddy with such juicy stuff!
Keep it up!!!

livinghigh said...

aw c'mon! how can ya have r-day without the parade????
hip hip hurrah.

GBO said...

Who is the "V"?

Anonymous said...

Two years + u r penning this blog..and I started somewhat on similar lines some couple of months ago..ofcourse,from an outsider point...But Racy style Boss...keep it up...will read it on and off..and is V actually out...

Rajiv said...

post some naked pics of mallika. wat else? duh!