Friday, January 05, 2007

Notes on Nithari

"Did you hear?" a panicked friend said half-panting, half-screaming into the cellphone.
"Hear what?"
"About Nithari..."
"Everybody has by now, I mean Aaj Tak is alternating between that and cricket."
"Nooooooo... not that."
"Then what?"
"That Moninder Singh was from college."
"Big deal, so was Natwar and his son."
"No but can you imagine..."
"Imagine what?"
"That a serial killer and rapist went to college."
"So, some these guys tend to be educated."
"I can't believe you're being so callous about this", she tells me in a not nice accusatory tone before hanging up.

Honestly, I have to admit, St Stephen's propensity to churn out highly-educated weirdos has never been in doubt. Case in point, heck, just look at me. But honestly, the media and political circus around Nithari is becoming a bit sickening. Mikes, cameras and dictaphones being shoved into peoples faces. And as usual, one important point is being missed. I learnt this the difficult way in Gurgaon and in Mumbai. Most police forces in India, with the notable exceptions of the Delhi Police and the CISF hate taking complaints.
You can't file FIRs with the CISF, but CISF constables and officers have always been the most helpful policemen I have met and the Delhi Police, say what you will about them and their hare-brained Delhi Traffic Police colleagues and their habit of acting like Mamu's at times are by far and away the best city police force in the country when it comes to filing cases. Sure, sometimes it is a drag filing FIR's in Delhi as well, but in Noida or Gurgaon, short of calling up the SSP getting an FIR filed for a rape or murder is nearly impossible.
Of course, there is the other issue about UP itself. I know the advert that Amitabh is doing is quite nice and all, but if this sort of thing happens in the most civilised part of the state, the rest of it scares me. Thank god my folks never made the mistake of moving out of Delhi!
Back to Nithari, I'm at a loss for words. I don't know who did what, but I think this case will shut up anti-Death Penalty guys for a while. Because, I don't care which school or college who went or what not, those guys deserve to hang.


GBO said...

Hmmm, and do also think about the number of Stephanians from Goldy's batch as well as around his time who are now Big Noises in the Delhi media.

No wonder, the bigger organised crimes of organ farming are going to get suppressed under the relatively maller individual crimes of cannibalism.

thalassa_mikra said...

Civilized part of the state? I doubt you could call Western UP that. On any given day Central and Eastern UP are the only civil parts of the state, despite all the material progress that Western UP has made.

This is truly sickening. Death penalty is more than appropriate in this case.

Anonymous said...

I dont think hanging is appropriate.

Hanging is a 2 minute affair... These guys, if culprits should have their organs sliced off, one per day, and in this cold winter should not be given any woolens at all.

I can empathise with poor Payal (5 years), Rimpa Haldar, little Harsh and others lying dead or alive on the table with these two dancing around them with their weapons.

Don't you think hanging is too soft on them!!

Ranjan Kaushal