Monday, January 29, 2007

Depths of stupidity!

While I saw the Neo Sports adverts and can dismiss them as being tasteless and silly - inverse racism would be stretching, but not one of O&M's better recent creations for sure. Of course, when tourists from India are treated as crap during the World Cup in a couple of months time (because thanks to the wonders of technology, this ad has been viewed there also), please note that Piyush Pandey will be in the West Indies and you can address all your vitriol towards him, because he thinks those were good adverts. Anyway, this particular spot sent out to advertisers has been doing the rounds lately and while I doubt it was created by an agency, it is more likely an in-house team (most likely recently graduated from a silly media school types who thought this was just soooooooo brilliant during their fifth joint), I can't believe this got passed. Because, this crosses bad taste. By miles. I'm just flabbergasted they sent this out, and if I was an advertiser I would pull advertising based on this. What am I talking about - take a look.

Still want to watch Star Movies?
EDIT : Kisi ko toh akal hai! The video has been pulled from YouTube by the user (maybe because of vitriol it gout from YouTube users), what was even more spectacular is that this video was part of a mailer sent out on behalf of Star Movies by Exchange4Media. Anyway, since it has been pulled, I might as well describe it. The video opens with a shot of a woman who has beaten up, well, thats the only shot actually. Woman admits that she hasn't fallen down stairs, but has been beaten. But no-one is listening - friends or colleagues. Camera pans out and you see woman is wearing a tee with HBO logo. Fade to text saying how Star Movies has beaten HBO 40 of the last 52 weeks according to TAM data. Anyway, I'll be on the lookout for another copy and will post it the minute I can.
Talking about racism, I see that dear Miss Shetty won! Now, all she has to do is to sleep with an A-list Bit celeb (ie: Big Four Club Footie player) or recently-retired Leg Spinners, sell the story to the tabloids and make even more money and even land a book deal. Maybe they could find a role for her in the 'Next video-game made into a C-grade Hollywood flick' flick. Hmmm. Anyway, I still don't understand what all the fuss was about.


Shashikant said...

Video gone from YouTube.

Consumer said...


This was actually sent out as a mailer by

Not surprisingly,, the other major website in the category didnot send it. The latter is led by an editorial guy, while e4m is led by Anurag, who will do anything for money

Anonymous said...

Agree with consumer on afaqs...What he didn't mention is that this ad was targeted at HBO, and coincidentally, that channel is manned by an all woman team in marketing.And Shruti bajpai, the country manager has been around long enough to make it clear that the ad was possibly even directed at her!