Friday, September 05, 2008


State subsidised housing? Dude, that ended years ago. And trust me, I'm not the only one complaining of the chaos that is the Babu Rapid Transit system.
Anyway, I've been incommunicado for the last few days since I've been a tad busy with work, well, more than a tad really. Change is a good thing, and sometimes working for a new boss can mean that you suddenly discover facets about yourself that you didn't know existed before. In my case, I've been surprised by my own ability to work my ass off. I'm enjoying this, but something I'm not enjoying is suddenly being the centre of attention at events because everybody and their uncle thinks I'm quitting. Well, I don't think I'm quitting and though I will never say never, leaving now would be plain stupid. Sure, you guys who read this blog can hold me up to my words in case I do, and as I've always admitted I'm a grade-A hipocrite (which makes me human). 
The only reason I have for quitting right now is the computer admin chap's insane decision to block YouTube. The bastards, how will I survive without my daily dose of stupid home videos from hell. And are you using Chrome? I'm still a bit iffy about Chrome - or least this beta version of it.


Rajeev said...

But there is some merit in web monkey giving you a reality check... we take it that this blog would be about media issues, mostly at least. And it since quite sometime been about everything but that. Now don't hide behind your arrogance and petulantly say that "this is my blog, and those who don't like it are welcome to go to 'Down To Earth'!"

Web Monkey said...

I know that subsidised housing ended a long time ago...but do I see journlists living in gulmohar park and press enclave , saket giving back the houses? Not really. I get pissed off thinking our taxes paid for these grand houses.And most of the megarich banias who run the Indian press are not going to give back the subsidized land on which their offices would not be in "national interest" and so on...
Contrary to what it seems I really liked your blog .
It seemed to confirm my suspicion that most journos ( not you K, but the pple you described) were as dumb as the people reading them, which kind of explained the WTF logic that i read every morning.
So get back to what you were doing earlier, we are not interested in reading about iphone( it sucks BTW) or your travel trips but we are very interested in reading why we should not trust the Indian media