Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was sitting in office watching the entertaining Manchester United vs. Liverpool EPL game and the shit hit the fan again. Four blasts so far across the capital, no seeming order to the blasts other than being in crowded areas. I thought the media was a bit callous in their response and the pictures from the scene were not vetted and some channels were a bit too gory. Then again, when should you stop reporting and help? Thankfully, everybody I know seems to be fine, but it appears that ten people have died so far.
Of course, our Home Minister will hum and haw all over again and the gang of SIMI-lovers will be very quiet all of a sudden. I found it particularly entertaining that one channel went after the Police Commissioner asking him why the blasts weren't stopped. Thesad thing remains that in this mass of humanity that you can't prevent low-intensity blasts like this, though with ten dead, the blasts can't have been low intensity?
Again, I'm sure the idiots behind the blasts wanted to target the Metro but I would believe that the great work by the CISF prevented that. And it is infuriating when politicians like Mayawati throw tantrums when her people are frisked by CISF at airports.
You can't get scared at this, you have to suck it in and carry on. I was scared on July 11 though. This is India, shit like this will continue to happen until and unless our politicians grow balls. I hope all you guys sitting in Delhi are fine. God bless!


Anonymous said...

I think the more you hide the gory nature of hideous death caused by terror the more you make it acceptable, something to tut-tut over, even something to let slide, ignore. If people were to see images of terror victims as they end up, they would perhaps grow balls, and journalism would've told the complete truth, for once.

Sandip Ghose said...

Granted our security establishmant are inherently handicapped to pre-emept such terorist attcaks - but, at least for the sake of the TV viwers, we should have a better Home Minister. In my memory, there hasn't been a more effete incumbent in the job. As NDTV took the trouble to show - by digging into their archives, after each such incident he spouts such inanities he appears most comical. This time around he surpassed himself by saying "we shall find who they are and award them the harshest punishment under the laws of the land". Surely, we deserve better than this.

J said...

Bunking class saved me from being a possible witness.
Anyhow, Times Now and Headlines today were extremely irresponsible when they called the 12 year old kid a human bomb.
They flashed that on their screens fr about 10-15 min till it was clarified that he was a witness to the description.

sulochana anand said...

bomb blast has became the matter of disscussion only perhapsBut no one is taking interest to uproot it.politician make promises,media shows events spicily general people are affraid and lastly terrorist are playing happily with the life of innocents.
because once they where also innocent but exploitation,starving,uneducation and ignorance from love and affection made them let us do something that every child may get livlihood properly.i hope it will do something