Monday, September 22, 2008

It's the little things, silly billy!

Honestly, it is the little things that piss me off more often than not. I don't get pissed off the the government decides that in the name of security the cop standing patrol at Defence Colony at night insists that I give him my phone number. After making sure I'm the right religion of course, and since I have a (rather thin) beard that is an important task (who cares that the clowns who the cops say blew up parts of Delhi were all clean shaven - note in hallmarks of terror - most terrorists are clean shaven nowadays, particularly after the Punjab crisis ended).
I was a bit puzzled by the rather virulent reaction by the assorted 'Human Rights' guys on the Jamia Nagar incident who didn't shut up even after a cop went down - and that is how these guys manage to antagonise the general population even more. Yes, there are some holes in the police theory, but going on UndieTV and claiming persecution due to religion is not a good argument when the cops are livid. I've got a bad feeling about Delhi Police reaction over the next few days, but that is just a bad feeling.
Nope, what really pisses me off in life are the stupid TV anchor bimbettes with un-naturally straight hair and too much make-up. I don't know about you, but those girls try their darndest to look like cheap Thai hookers, and I've got a feeling that cheap Thai hookers possibly are more intelligent. Sometimes watching news television is the the most unbearable torture that you can put yourself through in the day. Anyway, I must also compliment UndieTV though in this post for their Sunday Documentary. Good idea and they show some rather decent stuff every Sunday afternoon. Oh, and I played Spore for so long this weekend I couldn't sleep too much and ended up with a monitor induced headache.


Sushant Kumar said...

U are Toooo harsh on those tv anchors. Thats what happens when business mixes with sentiments.TV is a business and having a hooker lookalike makes good business sense as all those watching tv are not like the few exceptions criticizing them. Buttt.. in India... and yes it is a fact, exceptions do run into millions.

GBO said...

You need to come on the road along the nallah to avoid all the cops in DefCol. As for mobile phone number, always give them the Maharashtra number you had?

On straight hair, yes, I know what you mean. There are a few on the business channels who are deadlier - and in a bear market too!

Anonymous said...

What about news x? I found the news content very sober and the anchors well dressed too.

Anonymous said...

News X - Conservative call girls :-D

News business is all about pimping isn't it??