Saturday, September 27, 2008

I agree...

I so completely agree with The V's column in Papermint today that I thought somebody had taken the words right out of my mouth. But I have to add, that, and this is at the cost of being snobbish, that the most irritating specimens are those second-generation desi's whose fathers usually moved into low-paying blue-collar jobs and whose new 'white-collar' status has to be protected at all costs. Airline ticket agents, immigration and police officers and store clerks are sometimes the worst. I remember in Atlanta several years ago how in the CNN Centre at a fast-food restuarant manned by a family we were give attrocious service. Maybe because I asked for beer.
I also found ToI's second lead about Manmohan's proclamation about 'Indians' being in love with George W Bush hilarious (and disturbing). I love lots of Americans such as Scarlett Johanssen, but GWB? Why? I don't want to know about MMS and GWB's man love, but don't get me involved, ugh! Surprising that the other papers didn't play this up. Maybe after the government has said that man-love is still illegal (and will not squash the colonial legacy of Section 377), they don't want to play it up. So does MMS have a perverse mind also?
And while many of you hate my political ponderings, all my hopes of Delhi being removed from under the yoke of Aunty Shiela, the BJP has gone and nominated the most ineffectual VK Malhotra (Can't speak, can't hear and can barely see) as the candidate for Chief Minister of Delhi. I would rather vote for the Communists than have Malhotra lead Delhi. Why does the BJP always manage to shoot itself sqare in the ass? Not in the foot, but they take a shotgun and fire it up their ass, it seems difficult but decisions like these have led me to this conclusion. What next? Sushma as Prime Minister?
And there are more bombs in Delhi. The night I plan to have a party. And if Pakistan is led by this, I'm scared. But then again, maybe he won't know how to aim the warheads!

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Chandra said...

It was a good one SIR, This was my first day on your BLOG, and I have become ur FAN..I have gone through half of your expressions... You are so BLUNT... HOW???