Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am not....

I thought I had put paid to the “K is leaving” rumours, but today not only did a colleague come up to me and ask me if I was leaving and quoted a ‘senior PR’ source, I actually fended off a phone call where the caller, whose name I will not mention, but he reads this blog he knows, actually told me that he knew for certain that I was leaving. Now, I haven’t typed out a new resume nor have I written a resignation letter in years (four years, I think since a rather fraught moment with a former boss). In fact, I’m rather scared that I might have lost the fine art of writing a resignation letter, unlike former colleagues who manage four jobs in just about six months. I was accused of acting coy and not admitting, the person even telling that his sources in the organisation that I’m supposedly joining even told him my designation! (Must make note to call editor of said organisation for confirmation of this fact)
Anyway, I am not quitting but to make a definitive statement such as ‘I will never quit’ is downright silly and I will never make it. I enjoy my current job and I think that my career path is fairly steady and the money is pretty good and right now I’m looking at something new but that would be a new car now that I’ve paid off my old car loan. Don’t know what I’ll buy as yet – veering towards a Swift or Fabia but if I get a good deal on a larger car might go in for that as well.
Tomorrow I enter the fourth decade of my life and I’m really not looking forward to that. Same old, same old. I need a holiday and I need to buy myself something nice. Like a flat panel televsion.

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