Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laptop Lollypop

While everybody else will carry on about how the Hindi mass media channels took little snippets of information, read the doomsday sites on the internet and went to town regarding the Large Hadron Collider (there were no typos with hardon, sigh), I won’t. See, blaming the illiterate isn’t something I’m good at, and really twats are there in every part of the media, but it wouldn’t hurt to make a couple of phone calls you know or maybe not read sites written by people who’ve been smoking far too much pot. But you can't really drill the skull of the class duffer, I mean seriously 'End of the World'. Blind leading the blind!
In case you have any questions, just read Wired's article on the LHC.
Instead I’ll talk about a Laptop Lollypop. For the uninitiated, this is the worst cocktail ever made, but if you find yourself in Hotel Swosti in Bhubneshwar do pick up a menu at the bar. I kid you not. And the other drinks are true too - though I think 'Cream Between L' was supposed to write 'Cream Between Legs' until the copywriter maybe realised that it was a bit kinky. Seriously, Sex on the Beach sounds tame after these amazing concoctions. And I really didn't want to try 'Kiss My Ass'. And this was one of the best bars in the city.

If people wonder why I stick religiously to beer until I can get to place that can make a decent vodka-martini (which in Delhi is Smoke House Grill or Rick's) this explains it. Drinking alcoholic cocktails in India is flirting with death - to your tastebuds (and a surefire way of getting Type-2 Diabetes givenm that any syrup or colouring agent bars use in 99.99% sugar). No wonder Vijay Mallya makes a ton of money through selling Kingfisher all over the country.


Ignoramus said...

Hi K,

I have recently started following a website called greater kashmir from the valley. Its the most circulated paper in that part. I suggest that you follow it too. Would love to hear your viwes on the highly one sided views presented in it. Also, it would love to hear your views on the MNS fiasco in Maharashtra. Thanks. BTW the cock n tail article was superb.

Anonymous said...

good one K!!

Anonymous said...

Did you get loose stomach the following day as Swosti is known to serve spurious drinks with an inflated price tag. I hope not. Ha ha...