Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I don't usually do such posts... but.

Why would a bonafide Vodafone iPhone 3G (handed over by Apple PR so I assume it is completely and totally bonafide, even though I seemingly can't make calls or use the data network, so this iPhone 3G is essentially being run as an iPod Touch - which is a great Wi-Fi surfing tablet and something I might even consider buying) not register the the Vodafone GSM network and then, of all things show me a Reliance GSM network. Unless that is Reliance has already started testing their GSM network (something my Nokia confirms with two strange networks showing up in the operator search - so has Swan also started trials?) and weirder still, the Vodafone network doesn't even register (not surprising since I lose an average of ten calls everyday on that network). Peculiar!

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