Monday, June 05, 2006

Wrong drug!

Late Friday night seeing CNN-IBN's contrived 'Hidden Camera' story on the 'underbelly' culture - (c'mon it looks badly set-up, how stoned must you be to believe that b*ll?) which I happened to be watching at the Doctor's house, a quick realisation struck both of us. That bugger had made one critical error - he thought he was doing some Bolivian instead he got hit with China White. Poison, my big fat behind. Simple case of doing the wrong drug is quantities even the most hardcore addicts don't touch.
Obviously trace levels of the drug they want to find are so low and barbituates so high. And that is why one person is dead and another almost died. There is a reason most people do a tester.
If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about - read Erowid. In fact, every journalist on this case should do some compulsary reading at Erowid - because don't bloody confuse your drugs - if you do like that bugger did - just because you find a white powder doesn't mean anything or presuppose any effect. Heck, I'ld advise them to do a few lines before they talk through their behinds.
Listen, end of the day, the guy did consume drugs and it isn't surprising that a particular someone defends him from Manali of all places. You think he goes there just for the R&R? Guess again. And we got the standard 'Young people of today' talk. Ya right - no wonder three kids from W-Block GK-1 got caught up in this, and while they might not have done any that night, I find it difficult to believe that they had no idea what was going on.
One of the more grotesque signs of economic development is the creation of 15-30 year olds with money to blow and who choose to blow it on drugs. Sometimes, I worry that the entire city of Bombay is hopped up on something or the other and its not as if Delhi and Bangalore are very far behind. It was only this weekend after all the dealers got scared shitless that something might happen to them that they didn't take phone calls. No wonder people are cursing the bugger all over the place.
But, I'm just wondering why on earth he was doing what he was with his Dad's PA? That is still kinda weird, and makes you think twice about the stories you heard - including of one strange death in Australia. And Apollo's 'discreet' nature has been now blown apart - I wonder if the fact that one former Union Minister died of an 'unmentionable' disease will now come out as well?


akash said...

ok this is not fair. you are talking like an agent now. mentioning some vague facts and stuff but give more hints

Like which death in aus?
which miniter ?

atleast give some time frame. so when i am slacking off i can use my google skills to unearth some dirt.

akash said...

i obviously meant minister.

Anonymous said...

Former Union Power minister?

GBO said...

well you can also go here to get a grip?

Anonymous said...

Death in Aus = former NASSCOM mascot with the long sideburns - Pramod Mahajan was IT minister at the time and was partying with NASSCOM Pres in Australia. One morning the poor bloke was found mysteriously dead in his hotel room!

Hmmm... said...

It seems that Daddy Mahajan not only liked the ladies. Overweight middle-aged men also made the cut. So the Aussie death might have more 'nefarious' overtones just like the Bhatnagar case, in which HT implied Daddy Mahajan indirectly and without naming him.