Monday, June 12, 2006


Simple question - Why is Rakhi Sawant on the front page of all the papers? I don't need to know who did what to whom. I don't know the chain of events, but for gods sake isn't there something more important happening somewhere else. What on earth are we supposed to do with the daily papers? And they just took their cue from the news channels.
But the one good thing that might happen in the aftermath of the Rahul Mahajan and assorted Rakhi Sawant incidents, is that our media is becoming as vapid as the British media - so the sordid sex lives and drug habits of our 'top' politicians, models, film stars might now be plastered all over the papers. Then to add a bit of spice, they'll start reportting on each others lives. Man, imagine EchTee carrying articles on the noctural activities of Chhotu? And RajdeepTV and UndieTV reporting on ATM romps and what not.
Real news on the other hand - stuff that might impact you and me - like Chiddu's plans to tax you out of house and home (and make you repent the fact that you are middle class thanks to his now thankfully shelved tax form) gets buried in the inside pages. What should be on the inside pages are stories like the women with the 'dubious distinction' (I didn't say that - IT did) of being the first 'Indian' British Page3 topless model. Why was it on P1?
I seriously think that one of the few things that I was taught - and I've done no Mass Comm course or anything was to ask a few basic questions. In fact, just ask one question, "Why are we carrying this story?" I don't think too many people are asking that question anymore, and it reflects in the quality of the stories coming out.
Just on that, there was a story by an individual named EmCee in a certain business magazine (and it won't be appropriate for an 'anaonymous' writer to blow someone elses cover.. again) on drugs. Wow, after reading that I wonder what the guy is on? He certainly knows his stuff (And people who pontificate with such authority on narcotics either work for the CIA or well consume them/did consume them). Which is better than you can say for the other magazines and papers of all hues - standard quote in the other publications - XXXX, a 'recovering' drug addicts (or coke addict) told ABC "I was introduced to the drug by friends, it made me feel more confident, yada, yada." It reads the bloody same.
Anyway, yesterday was a day of glorious inaction. I stayed at Doc's place and we watched in succession - the British GP (a Spainard won), the French Open Mens Final (a Spainard won) and then mingled between Football (Spain didn't play yesterday) and Cricket (Spain can't play, but they do play at Port-of-Spain).
You know something, I might just bet on Spain during the WC Finals on an 'Anybody but Brazil' spread!


Anonymous said...

reading u is like sailing on a steady stream. spontaneous. the flow is wonderful, no matter what subjs u pick up.

Priya said...

Finally, after lurking around in yr blog almost daily, and agreeing with you on almost everything you say about the media, I just have to leave my footprints behind. Just 'cause you say "Anybody but Brazil." I'm on that team too;) I'm glad they aren't going too far, not after the way the "stars" played last night. Yayayay!!!

Priya said...

Ooops! that shd read everything you say against the media;)

Soumyadip said...

Anybody but Brazil. I'm with you. And they thought that all Bongs bay for Brazil.