Friday, June 02, 2006


One dies because he had a bad habit of dipping his wick in all sorts of candles and another is dying because he did too much of South America's biggest export (after footballers and supermodels). Will anyone write about it? Erm, no.
Too short a post you say!
Well, OK, I'll add some fluff to it, after all I'm supposedly a journalist and should be good at this fluff thing. That said, I'm nowhere near the masters of fluff!
So just like the fact we will never know why civic bodies in India will start work conviniently just before tens of meters of monsoon rain flood their work sites, and why some elbows are more precious than others, certain things are best kept mysterious.
And a small bit of advice if you ever sell any computer - rip out the hard drive and physically destroy it or just use something really good to wipe it clean. Don't leave your data there - like this dimwit did!
And now we know what makes him sing - so can someone call in the Ghostbusters please!
The sky outside is dark grey and the waves are crashing into Marine Drive. No, I don't find it particularly romantic!

Anyway, here is something nice I found at YouTube! to make most of you smile!

EDIT : I just found this amazing bit of literature online...

"Eureka! Eureka! Now is the occasion that Archimedes ought to have reserved those ecstatic exclamations for! (Imagine whooping up on realising that there is spilled a little water on soaking oneself in a bathtub! Which is why I admire Newton more – at least he didn’t go yippee-yayeeii-yo on seeing the apple fall.) Anyway, we don’t feel obligated by the gimmickry of genius to declare our momentous ‘Eureka’ espial of the wellspring of world’s well-being. So, very modestly, if history has ever known a bit of chemistry during its making, you shall have a lot of it hereunder."

What can I say, knowing its source! Why, I ask you, why! IIPM will never lose its ability to amaze! I wonder if the great Ponytail wrote this himself?
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akash said...

in the dimwits case he sold a broken computer on ebay.

in this couple's case they had the hard drive replaced by a big american corporation which promised them that the drive would be destroyed. but was later sold in a flea market ( is that a western chor bazaar ? )

K said...

The lesson there is that you should not trust large American corporations! Always do the deleting yourself. Anyway, in my case the hard drives usually give up and corrupt themselves and become worthless. But always keep a few magnets handy!

thalassa_mikra said...

You know what's very, very bizarre? Both the obituaries I read of the Man Friday of Mr. Dip-dip Candle reminded me of one classic TV relationship. That of Mr. Burns and Smithers in "The Simpsons".

As everyone and their aunt knows, Mr. Smithers is hopelessly in love with Mr.Burns. And here the obituaries mention how Man Friday's personal life was shrouded in secrecy. The pieces seem to fall together to paint only one picture, which seems just too weird to be true.

K said...

Oohh... Its getting even more bizzare - it seems that Diwang Mehta of NASSCOM fame and Mr Dipping in Candles might have been having an illicit homosexual affair. In fact, some in Delhi speak about the man's fondness for boys as well as female reporters (as we all know).
Anyway, it now seems that the boys took heroine (as CNN-IBN spells it) thinking its Coca. Large lines of said drug can totally screw you over. Which is exactly what happened. And if you're a fat unfit former PA to a very corrupt man, and you do this - you will well cop it.
What is even more bizzare has been the media reaction to this entire affair.