Monday, June 05, 2006

India Snorting!

Thanks to Pramod Mahajan we got India Shining.
Now thanks to his son, we can safely say India Snorting!
Actually, thanks to Codey for the headline. So, Indians aren't doing drugs? Where are you living man. It is quite apparent that India is undergoing a massive renaissance in drug usage. Well, its also undergoing a massive renaissance in sex, but that is another story. So, there is entire moral outcry usually, but this time the moral outcry has been a bit muted. In fact, the sense I'm getting from some stories - is the sense the editor involved (if he or she knows their drugs - and many of them do) is having a good laugh.
"The idiot did the wrong drug, hahahahaha"
Well, it is funny, but I've seen another person make the same mistake one New Year's in Goa - thinking a packet of white powder lying at a shack in Calangute was what he wanted it to be - Charlie in this case. He snorted a couple of small lines and went into an awful reaction. Now, the brilliant thing about the entire crisis was that I wasn't around when it started getting hairy and everybody else was tripped out on Acid, and by the time I did get back the guy was nearly in shock - and he had done next to nothing. - and it was rather hairy (High-level pedigree involved here as well). Heck, half the people I saw in Baga or Calangute were fried. And believe me, they were as brown as I was. So this theory that Drug culture in Goa is an alien import by the Israeli's is a myth - it is quite a Delhi/Bombay thing there.
Indians are higher and more fried than ever before. I remember speaking to a dealer once rather recently (Damn, why am I writing this? No wait, Atal Vajpayee is trying to make Drug usage acceptable, I love this country), anyway the guy was a African (any wonder why all of them have suddenly gone underground as one very irritated friend called me up at 3 on Sunday morning to tell me - "Where are all the dealers in this city?") he told me that he sells around 10 grams on a weeknight and over 30-40 on weekends - and this is in summer, and this guy is one of Bombay's smaller dealers. In winter the numbers shoot up incredibly.
And the strange part, is that it is all believable - because in Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore (at least these are the three cities I've seen things happening) - people friggin' hopped up every weekend on all sorts of substances. What do you think happens in the loos of all those clubs, why do you think so many people come out sniffling or suddenly knock their heads back? Do you think the clubs have no idea? What are you, naive? The last large wedding I went for was a powder festival.
And it is incredibly easy to get any substance - and not terribly expensive.
And that is just South American powder. The story for Afghan poppy powder is quite different and equally scary at a level. I've never shot myself up, but I know way too many people who do, but far fewer than the guys who snort powder. In fact, it is a rarity to meet someone in Bombay from a similar social circle who has never stuffed his or her nose. And I have no idea what this means for society on the whole. But I guess, free easy money does this.
Not very much longer before we get an Indian Scarface - and by the way, this is the new way for the Indian underworld to make money, and man they're raking it in.
India Shining = India Snorting!


Anonymous said...

Drug use has always been prevalent in all Indian metros, only its always been done in undertone, say for instance at private parties and shit.
However whats changed is that now more and more people are willing to experiment with drugs. The average age of 'first-timers' is progressively decreasing.
The whole sex drugs and rock n roll culture is very valid. All three are inextricably linked.
When it comes to sex it's very plain for everyone to see that young men and women of this country are fast losing their inhibitions. Instead of going to the movies or whatever people plan on getting laid over the weekend.. lol.
The preponderance of 'escort girls' is, to some extent, responsible for this kind of behaviour. Almost every fucking 'known' chick in a metro has got a price tag! its freaking ridiculous.. even out here in cal.
As you mentioned in your post, for a lot of people today easy money is the gateway to all kinds of cheap thrills.
But of course, this sort of indulgence is still rather limited to the urban middle-upper class.
Unchecked exposure to western culture definitely engenders decadence but the irony is that the west, and i mean america in particular, is devoid of any culutre whatsoever! lol. Western culture=overbearing consumerism. It's always been about the money. So i guess it's just inherently decadent. Maybe we are headed that way too?

on a side note - i just realized how an over-hyped story on tv can make you reflect on the state of society as a whole etc etc...

GBO said...

what you need to try to worry about is the prevalent usage in the "high tension" jobs like those in the aviation, shipping, media, BPO, medical and similar "industries".

200 kilos of coke for transit of local usage, that's the question, no?

And who explains the intermodal nature of containers to the media?

terah745 said...

Laxman is dead.

So is the myth.

I cry for the son.

Sanjivini gone wrong.

Ignorance was bliss.

Poor Vivek, lost his own.

The Golden Triangle.

Long forgotten.

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore.

Will be in the folklore.

The Snorters Paradise.

Rise of the Kaliyuga.

Ready to burst open.

Leaking now and then.

Breaking all the faith.

Losing all the hope.

There is no other way.

Just relax and dope.

(This is for all those who cannot fight the yuga(time). We are all on a packaged tour. So chill and relax.)

Anonymous said...

The Indian scarface has already been made, watch a movie called Saathi ,made by Mahesh Bhatt sometimes in the late 90s...and Vaastav was also a remake with Sanjay Dutt doing an Al Pacino