Friday, June 09, 2006

It's here!

The World Cup, or as us Indians have to always remind ourselves, the other World Cup, the one that doesn't involve a bat. Well, everybody is betting on Brazil, and I was until I discovered that Nike is ripping people off charging them Rs 2500 for a genuine jersey, not as bad as Adidas who are charging Rs 2700 for their 'Clima-Cool' jerseys. Of course, you can postulate that if the tops cost this much, the shoes must cost incredible amounts. But if you're really nice you can ask the salesperson where they keep their 'cheap' shoes and like me, you might just find a pair of decent sneakers for under two grand.
Anyway, our President managed to blow up a few lakh rupees of aviation fuel to fulfil his childhood fantasy, but it was the coverage of the event which was mind-blowing. You know, the mind-blowing where you take a 12-gauge shotgun and shoot yourself Kurt Cobain style. It was really that bad!
Anyway, I've been pretty much upto my neck in work, and I'm sinking fast. Can't spend more time time writing here, I've to file real stories.
EDIT : Whose me moolah on? Well, no-one actually, I assume Brasil will win it, Ronaldinho is a genius after all. But, in case they don't I wearing Three Lions right now. Anyway, he drives a Hummer H2. Check out what some of the rest drive! After all a man is what he drives. I wonder what that makes an owner of a Maruti Alto?


Nazim.k said...

n we hv people who're going ga-ga over kalam's sortie. check out rediff's msg board on the issue. Anyway, the cup's here n me betting on brasil. wat abt u.

F-cubed said...

Obviously you have not checked out the prices that Addidas are charging for the World Cup Football. The nephew wanted one and was all set to pick it up till I was told that it was ONLY "900 bucks".

For an f***ing FOOTBALL!!!!


K said...

Viraf, the Teamgeist was incredibly expensive, but even the small decorative pieces - are Rs 300 a pop! and the confederation balls - haha - are Rs 500 a pop!
Nazim - Whose my moolah on? Well Brasil obviously - just for their women they deserve to win! But in the anyone BUT Brasil category - i'll spread my bets on Ingerlund, Ivory Coast, and maybe, just maybe Jurg-many!
But we all know that Ronaldinho will win it for Brasil!

Anonymous said...

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K said...

In fact the Teamgeist ball costs Rs 4600 in India .

thalassa_mikra said...

I root for the underdogs in each match. So all the Africans and Asians have my support. After they're eliminated, I'd go for the team with the yummiest players. I'm guessing Italy has some hotties.