Thursday, June 22, 2006

Online goodness

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After spending a good 18 hours on the job yesterday, today half my body is hurting and I think those push-ups in the morning were not a great idea, I think I pulled a muscle on my left arm. Shucks! Anyway, the interweb is always there to improve the mood. So, I didn't make it to the last three on the travel show I'm adveryising up there - but you should go check out the site to check the last three. Anyway, office wouldn't have given me leave for two weeks - again!
However, where I go for my next holiday has been decided. Just look at that picture from Zicatela beach near Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I saw big waves in Kerala, but nothing even comes close to these. OK, so it is going to cost a bomb to get to the land of Tequila and Sol beer (which I love, much better than Corona), but damn I'm going to save like hell (even though honestly my next trip should really be to Angkor Vat in Cambodia, much cheaper and very doable). Wonderful picture by Konaboy, absolutely brilliant. Check out some of his other other pictures, superb stuff.
Anyway, I leave you folks with some of the best sites I've seen on the big, bad internets in the last week or so. And if you have to know, I type really fast, so I get a lot of work done (also!) I mean I do work also in office. All of these links are more or less safe to open at work, don't blame me if you get offended by risque language!

20 of the strangest guitars ever made!
Everyone against everyone | The art of Cire
The most memorable cricket sledges - as collated by Vivek!
One of a kind Dolls
Balloon art!
Liquid Nitrogen meets a swimming pool
Some great CG animation from France's top animation school!
JWT is running some great promo adverts on the Huffington Post
YouTube Stars... Future Idols, or will they make it without Cowell?


Szerelem said...

a fellow travel junkie - how wonderful to know another! Thanks for ur comment and mexico sounds nice!

thalassa_mikra said...

Mexico is great! Make sure you ditch the north and Mexico city and head straight to the Yucatan peninsula and Chiapas. Those are the best parts of the country.

Perhaps you'd also like to stop over in LA?

K said...

Next trip is South East Asia, Mexico and the US will have to wait till I save enough. Already have a B1/B2 visa though.
Here is how I've worked out my next holiday - I get free stay in the following places - Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila. But Angkor Wat is first priority after that if I can get to the Phillipine it'll be great, I've done Hong Kong and Singapore isn't exactly my cup of tea.
Ithink I should be able to do the trip (say around October) for Rs 25-30k.

G said...

ok u guys have left me completely down in the dumps coz i'm still planning to see these places but can never manage to save enough. and by the way how are you managing a trip in 25-30k? Some tips might be really helpful