Monday, March 09, 2009


Apologies for disappearing but I had to endure Pervy Mushy's saturday night dinner schtick of 'I almost solved Kashmir', and being cornered by five people and suffering the Spanish inquisition on why I haven't updated my blog over the past week. Well, honestly I do have a ton of work and March will surprisingly be a heavy travel month but with the cutbacks of airline service doing a 'FIFO' (Fly In Fly Out) is pretty tough to some destinations. So there are some twenty hour days ahead of me, but tell you what, I'm looking forward to it for strange reason. I do need to justify the salary right? Anyway, more later, have a great Holi week, go easy on the bhang but enjoy it nonetheless. You know what, despite the insane traffic and the blatant disregard to life and limb but most Indians, I love this country - slumdogs and all. And Holi is one of those things about India I love the most. As long as I manage to avoid people with pigment, which isn't easy when one of your best friends runs a pigment factory.

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Anonymous said...

wats happening at newsx...heard of some senior people moving out due to pocha's 'autocratic' style