Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Promises, promises...

In 1998, Vinod Khanna, one of our army of filmstar-politicians promised to turn Gurdaspur into Paris. Now, this was, to state the obvious, rather impossible. I mean, centuries of French culture and their habit to sulk when things don't go their way (epitomised by their President) into a place which isn't half bad and still sends most of their sons to the 'real' Paris. In 2004, I spent a few days in Paris during an extended summer break. I stayed with an old friend from school and remember going down to the Eiffel Tower like good tourists and right next to the tower I met and chatted with the guys selling overpriced trinkets who all happened to be from Gurdaspur. Well, I guess they got frustrated and left. Of course, Khanna has been moderately successful in politics much like his sons have been moderately successful in films. Unlike Govinda of course, who like any fading filmstar is blaming others for his problems - I doubt that includes his abysmal turnout in the Lok Sabha and according to the Delhi grapevine the pretty literal threats that were made to get him to show up for the nuclear vote.
But I don't know how I missed this. maybe because the 'evil' Ratan Tata stole all her thunder by releasing the Nano the very same day. But Mamata plans to make Kolkata into London! I really don't know what to say to this other than to request Mamata to pass me some of the stuff she has been smoking. I know that London is home to thousands of loony lefties and the Maoists in the southern districts of Bengal are extremely violent loony lefties, but other than that I doubt the former capital of Britain's crown jewel can match the motherland. Though that said, Dum Dum airport is a lot smoother than Heathrow, but then again it handles maybe one percent of Heathrow's traffic.
As they say, promises are promises and people can't take you to court when you don't deliver. Then again, maybe Mamata, a Ph.D (supposedly - though she makes no such claims in her 2004 affadavit) knows something about plate tectonics that hours of watching Discovery Channel and Nat Geo TV don't tell you. Maybe Kolkata is heading to London througha giant worm-hole through the Earth's crust. Anyhow, I don't see anything happening in bengal for a while, but then again, the most hare-brained scheme in Bengal right now is the Durgapur Aeropolis (which mind you, is still a promise). Because, depite everything the Commies might win a lot of seats, but weirdly enough they are the worse of two evils. The Bengal Commies that is, not the Kerala Commies, but I'm opinionating too much - so see what Great Bong makes of Didi's latest pronouncements - I, by the way, will start calling Mamata 'Mashima' - the same as I called the lady under Dhakuria flyover who used to sell some really nice weed back in the day (I was young and impressionable - so there).
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Anonymous said...

Media dhamaka!

Detective Agencies said...

This is a rather interesting post on the fake promises made time and again by the politicians of India especially during the election campaign. I particularly enjoyed your comments on Mamata Banerjee.