Saturday, March 28, 2009


You know watching qualifying got me thinking, sometimes the old geezers can just rise to the top of the pile thanks to a helpful last minute intervention. Of copurse, that does not signify anything either about Indian politics - because we aren't quite sure which old geezer we're talking about at any given point of time - the weak-hearted debate avoider or 'that one' who people still blame for bringing down a defunct archeological monument (the Wiki entry has apparently been written by people who love Mail Today). Talking about debate avoidance, Anand Sharma's quip that there is 'no tradition' of televised debates is classic Congress spin, there is no history because we have just about become a televised nation. But of course, just about everything uis spin. Which is why once the IPL gets underway I will be spared of spin. I have a choice between Ajay Maken and Vijay Goel in the New Delhi constituency and will probably see what either of them has to offer me. At the end of the day, the one who gets more people in the slums drunk will win, but then again there is a long time to go before I get to vote. I wonder if the local telly channels will broadcast a debate between the two candidates for India's 'most powerful' constituency.
PS: The pictures of Advani on the BJP posters is really bizzare, I'm sure the BJP could have used a better photographer.
PPS: Talking about the media, the leak of Times' TV projections makes me wonder if people are still drinking crazy juice out there. Many of the ventures over the past few years are flailing about unable to draw in revenues, yet the craziness persists.


Akshay S Dinesh said...

I thought a US like debate would be seen

Anonymous said...

Not fair to include just those two in the debate cz of the multi party system. Let all PM hopefuls have a face-off with an army of senior journos and social activists etc live on telly instead.