Friday, March 13, 2009

Snip, snip

For someone who just filled up an appraisal form with a lot of disdain - how on earth am I supposed to have several KRA's - this is bad news. Over at UndieTV, which some might argue is actually down to its chaddi's there have been some pretty serious salary cuts. At least that is better than a very big media baron asking 'Why?' about a extremely expensive forthcoming new venture. Another wannabe media baron thinking of pulling the plug on an about-to-be launched magazine and yet another fading baron(ness?) pulling the plug on her group's latestg misadventure like they did to a General Entertainment Channel and an integrated web portal. Of course, not before some of the top bosses in assorted media companies face the Guillotine. Times aren't good as they say, times just aren't good. Not as bad as America though. Also, I'm really surprised that Mint has toned down media coverage of late. Sad since they did it well, unlike most other industries. 


Jigar said...

Some quick guesses:

Big Media Baron - Mr. Jain

New Venture - ET Now

Wannabe Media Baron - Mr. Behl

Magazine - ?

Baronness - Mrs. Bhartia

Latest Misadventure - Firefly

Anonymous said...

there is no media coverage because their sole media reporter shrutjit has moved to content sutra where he posts practically 2-4 detailed media related updates daily. clearly someone's loss is another's gain.

KMN said...

hey, k what about the feud between Cramer/Cnbc and Stewart? any views on it?
If you have'nt seen is a link

Its quite interesting...very keen on hearing from you on this

Anonymous said...

About time too. Frankly, the news from NDTV just emphasises the excesses at media companies, and how the slowdown they are suffering could have been far more easier to bear with sane hiring. Anyway that is in retrospect.

The figure of 500 affected people is amazing, in an organisation that had about 2000 people. Again, it speaks of the amount of money people have been valued at, clearly, out of sync with reality. I am pretty impressed with the other employee friendly policies though, which are going to be sustained.

Most impressive bit of hubris: people below 1 lac will be untouched.. So one lac and below is the 'essential' basic salary according to them. Wow. I will be watching to see just how they can go down further before they wake up. I would have thought 20-30K would have been the number. Clearly, NDTV reports to, and is ruled by a different currency.

Anonymous said...

The magazine is on. No worries...

Anonymous said...

in other news Web18 CEO is about to Bail... to Indiatimes... :)

Anonymous said...

This magazine is the RPG mag or the CNBC mag you're talking about?

Anonymous said...

The RPG mag and the network 18 mag are both on, and the rpg mag just launched. So either way you were wromg. And for all your sanctimonious nonsense on this blog, you don't have the balls to say, sorry ji, galti ho gayi. Wonder if your stories should be taken seriously!